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  • Is the latest release supposed to just give you the code for the large image on uploads? I have to do all manually, code for thumb, size, make popup links, hand coding everything, its much the same before blogging software when I did everything manually. All the program does really is upload the picture and make a thumb. Then I have to manually do the code for thumb and popup image etc. May as well do everything the old way, or use another blogging tool to do this part πŸ˜‰
    It makes a thumb, but I need my ftp client to know that. Is there supposed to be another button besides the img script prompt in admin? On upload it gives me the code for large image when the upload is done, if I don’t use it then its gone, leaving me to do that manually as well.
    I’m not complaining, just asking.
    I heard some have ability to add thumbs without having to do it manually. Using todays download:1.2-epsilon-RC2
    Have GD2 and imagemagick working fine, works in other programs…as it stands, I am forced to say wordpress has no photo capabilities at all, and as a webdesigner I can’t tell my customers to use it if they use photos, and almost all do. I can hardly ask them to use movable type to get the code for thumbs and popup window etc and copy and paste it into wordpress…lol

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  • I mentioned the same issue yesterday. You’ll find some answers here and here πŸ˜€

    Actually with this hack it has: WordPress Support Ò€º Thumbnail HTML addition for upload.php.
    I hope I don’t sound like I am complaining, WordPress is great and is developing into an awesome program. Sometimes it is hard to tell if I did something wrong and don’t have a feature others mention using or if it isn’t working for some reason. Now I have installed this hack which works flawlessly with WP capabilities to upload photos and make a thumb, now just have to paste code into an article and presto! a thumb with link to largew image.
    WordPress is the bestest! <— new word.

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