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    In my blog I insert many photos. How do I determine which photo goes to Facebook as a thumbnail? It looks like Wordbooker picks the photo nearest the top of the page. This was not the single thumbnail I wanted on Facebook- how do I change it on Facebook? I tried moving wanted photo to top of post- then UPDATING after checking the Publish this Post to Facebook. But the unwanted original photo remains.

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  • Plugin Author Steve


    You can try setting an image as the Featured Image for the post. Also you can tell wordbooker which WP Post META tags to look in for images – its documented in the user guide.

    Thanks so much for your prompt reply. I hesitate to ask this question, because I am sure that it is right in front of me and I don’t see it, but… how do I access the “user guide?” I cannot find it on either your site- or the WordPress site.

    Plugin Author Steve


    Its linked to from the Wordbooker Options page and its in the download – in the documentation folder.

    Thanks so much. Found the User Guide. I investigated the Feature Image- and got this to work for a new post. There appears no way to change the Facebook thumbnail AFTER the post is published. No big deal- just have to remember to select the Featured Image before posting.

    For others that may stumble onto this thread. My wife uses LiveWriter, a free Blog writer that is part of the Windows Essentials package, to compose her blog. When she selects the Publish button with LiveWriter, the Blog is published to WordPress- and since Woodbooker is installed, it simultaneously makes a Facebook post. If she would like to control what photo Facebook displays, then she must NOT publish to blog. Rather she must

      Publish Draft to Blog

    . Then she can go to her Blog on WordPress and select the Featured Images. Finally, when she selects Publish from within WordPress the current thumbnail will be posted to Fascebook using Wooodbroker.

    Steve, thanks so much for your prompt response. Woodbooker is a fantastic Plug-In.

    Plugin Author Steve


    Facebook tends to cache things, especially images – it can be a complete pain.

    You could simply set Wordbooker NOT to auto publish, which means you can then go into the blog and manually publish.

    I did consider implementing a [wb_image] shortcode which would allow you to force the image for the post – and that would work remotely as well.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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