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  • Here’s what I need to know how to do –

    1. A way to delete categories (even if it’s in the database)
    2. A way to list categories as text only links (like in a sidebar under Photos or something)
    3. A way to integrate the Album (Photos) link into the Pages links.

    I have posted questions to the photopress website and am still awaiting moderation after 11 days. And I have looked and asked in several places if there is a photopress forum. If anyone knows of a forum, I would love to check it out. I have also searched this support forum and the web for answers to these seemingly easy questions.

    This is what my system looks like:
    WordPress 2.0.4
    PhotoPress 0.9.5
    Apache/2.0.46 (Red Hat)
    PHP 4.4.1 (Zend: 1.3.0)
    MySQL 3.23.58

    thanks – j

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  • Ok –

    I figured out how to delete categories…

    here’s what I had to do

    In PHP MyAdmin I selected my WordPress database and selected the wp_pp_cats table. I was previously looking in the WP_photopress table and could not find where the categories were listed. Once I found that they are listed in the wp_pp_cats table it was not a problem to browse the table and delete the unwanted categories. I still would like ANY input on the other two questions.

    hope this helps – but maybe I’m the only one who wants to delete unused categories in photopress…??

    thanks – j

    Ha! You and I want to delete unwanted categories. Have you tried to move a photo between categories without using Mass Edit?

    I have tried, and asked round here but no-one seems to know how to do it without using Mass Edit. Which makes it take ages. Not sure that many people are using Photopress, but if you put it into a search here at the forums it does turn up a fair amount of useful info 🙂


    Check this:

    I made some edits per this comment:

    Still can’t easily change a photo from one cat to another but at least it doesn’t move them to a different cat when you hit Update.

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