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  • I have just this minuted upgraded to version 2.5 and am having trouble with the Photopress plug-in. I used to have a Photos button on the page where I would write a new post and just had to click that to go to Photopress and upload photos, but after the upgrade, I no longer have this button and am not sure how to get it back and therefore be able to upload and insert my pictures.

    Any help greatly appreciated!


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  • I’m having trouble after the upgrade, though of a different sort. I can upload photos fine, but clicking on a photo gets a “No such post” message returned, and not the usual picture on its own page.


    I’ve got the same problem and I’ve narrowed it down to the permalink structure. If you turn off the permalink structure option, then new posts will work just fine. However old posts (created using the “HTML” option of PhotoPress) will still go to an error page.

    I’m not one to know what I’m doing when hacking around a .htaccess file.

    Any ideas?

    Anyone know how to contact the author?? I tried leaving a comment on the blog but got no response. I would love to see this fixed.

    Similar to BloggerDesign, my comment on the author’s blog from 4 days ago) is still sitting in moderation.

    One head’s up: I started a new thread and got one response that might help others:

    I wrote some SQL to do this, but I’m too frustrated with it to continue. It partially works. See my blog about it. It’s incomplete, so only check this out if you’re prepared to write some SQL.

    Anyone have any good photo galery suggestions to use since Photopress is not 2.5 compatible?

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