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    Hi, I have had Photon on for quite some time now, but when WordPress Caches my Photos, they are Still there in my Media Library.

    Is it Safe to Remove the Photos once WordPress has Cached them?


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  • I would assume that like most CDNs they will re-request the image under certain conditions. Usually this happens after a set period of time (however long their cache is set to last for, maybe a year?), but could also happen if the image is purged from their cache for any reason. Sometimes there are technical reasons for purging an image, but sometimes this is also an automated process done on images that haven’t been requested in a certain amount of time.

    For example, while they may keep an image around for a year without requesting a new copy of it, they may also discard it if it hasn’t been used in a month. It’s a common way to keep your storage requirements a little more reasonable.

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