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  • “Photon” not work when I enable “Tiled Galleries” with “Carousel”


    – I enable “Tiled Galleries” + “Photon” + “Carousel” in Jetpack
    – In post, I choose GALLERY SETTINGS -> Type -> Tiles or Square Tiles

    ++ I expect to see my images on “Carousel” link from Photon CDN url when I click on each images on “Tiled Galleries”

    ++ But the result is all images link from my server not Photon even I already enable photon

    >> If I disable “Tiled Galleries” or change Gallery Type to default, Photon works, Images on “Carousel” link from wordpress CDN

    This is example

    You can try to click some images on “Tiled Galleries” below and check <img src=”… , you will see all images url link from my own server instead of Photon server

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  • Plugin Contributor Richard Archambault



    Have you tried disabling all other plugins to see if this is somehow being caused by a conflict with another plugin? For example, maybe it’s caused by Easy FancyBox. Have a look at step 1 on our support document, here:

    If you can narrow it down to one of your plugins, please tell me which one is the culprit. If you can’t find a conflict, let me know as well and we’ll see what else we can do. Thanks!

    I try to reproduce the problem


    – Disable all plugins (including “Easy FancyBox”) except Jetpack
    Result = Photon still not work on “Carousel” if I use “Tiled Galleries”

    – Change.. Edit Gallery -> GALLERY SETTINGS -> Link To -> Media File rather than Attachment Page
    Result = No matter

    View source code on “Tiled Galleries”

    – I found that Photon work. Check ->

    <a href="">

    View DOM on “Tiled Galleries”

    – I found that Photon work. Check ->

    I can see image link point to Photon (WordPress CDN)

    View DOM on “Carousel”

    – I found that Photon does not work. Check ->

    Image link from my own wordpress server not Photon


    “Tiled Galleries” link correctly to Photon but why “Carousel” use link from local

    I test “Tiled Galleries” with other plugin “Easy FancyBox”

    It work great. I enable “Jetpack” + “Tiled Galleries” + “Easy FancyBox” but disable “Carousel”
    Photon work on “Tiled Galleries” and “Easy FancyBox”

    Images on “Easy FancyBox” link from Photon server

    This is example

    Plugin Contributor Richard Archambault



    So this looks like a bug that was just fixed, and should hopefully be included in the next Jetpack release. Have a look at

    You can test this by trying the development version of Jetpack, here:

    Or you can wait until the next release, if you don’t want to test this version on your live site.

    Thank you, I’ll wait for the next update

    I just go to check my test site today after update Jetpack plugin to latest version v 2.2.2 many days ago.

    I thought the problem solved but everything still same … ??

    Did you test your plugin after fix bug?

    I am also experiencing this issue at this time… but photon has to be enabled for other features to function. Do you plan a fix release, or is there a code snip I can mod to correct the issue?

    Plugin Contributor Richard Archambault


    Hi SavSiteDesign,

    Could you please start your own thread, as per the Forum Welcome?

    Thank you!

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