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  • Hi,
    this is a bit random, but i am planning on setting up an integrated photoblog on my blog – Vritti and any recommendations/advice/guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    And by ‘integrated’, you mean a separate photolog that fits your current theme exactly, or some picture posts along with your regular text posts in your blog?
    Either way, you could do something like what I do at my journal. At random times, I post pictures, but internally mark them under a different category. So if you’re interested in seeing it just as a photolog, you can load it with the appropriate category.
    Of course, with some apache trickery, you can make the URI something like domain/photoblog as opposed to domain/index.php&cat=4 as it is in my case. And oh, as for tips, drop shadows add a nice frame to even dull pictures. All my pictures in the past few months have them.
    I later created the new photlog just to clearly separate pictures from my usual writing area.

    Any chance you could also do the files as a .zip – i don’t have any software to deal with .tar.gz
    Great photos btw!

    IanD: Here you go.

    the layout of your photolog, wahgnube, is really great. Would it be possible to complete this by an archive, which displays thumbs of the pics, ordered by date oder by category?
    Then I would use it immediately for my photolog (, which is powered by pmachine.

    Hi wahgnube,
    What I wanted was say separate photo categories, which I think will happen only with another separate blog. So in the photoblog itself, if you click on say toronto, you will see a list of thumbnails which you could click to go onto the full view page. On the main blog, Hamari Vritti (, you will see maybe a thumbnail or two placed somewhere.
    Whatd you think?

    abhic: No, you don’t need a separate weblog just for photo categories. Just classify your photos into categories themselves and load up the appropriate ones on click. I mean, just use WordPress’ internal classification scheme, just as you’d probably do your posts.
    Of course, if you want a layout tailored to just pictures, like a list of thumbnails, you need to create another file, like index.php suiting this. See those examples in my post above. Soon I’ll do the same thing, but thumbnailed. Is that what you’re talking about?

    Yeah they will look a bit different, and that’s a non-issue I would think ? You can lay them out as you wish once you can organize the content right? So you are saying that I can do this without another blog..that’s great.
    Is this WIP or can I get set this up right away?

    alright. Good luck with it, look forward to the results.


    Hey wahgnube, I just got exhibit. Is yours much different from that?

    abhic: I just took a look at it. They are very different, and exhibit apparently does a lot more and is a lot less work for the user. Mine is more of a collection of style files, hacks and configuration changes to tweak a wordpress install to make it behave like a photolog. More like inspiration and creativity help than a canned solution to a problem.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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