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  • I’ve just finished reworking my site using the photolounge theme from slr lounge as a starting point.

    The only thing i will change in the next month or so is the about page. I’ll remove the pic and bio and replace with a video.

    Any thoughts or feedback appreciated.

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  • Guess i better add a link.

    Or to go right to the blog.


    Before the boom of digital photography, a handful of photographers had websites and those who did were indeed visionaries. Their sites were simple, up to the point, and the message was clear: I’m a professional photographer and this is my website to showcase my work.

    Unfortunately now days, the trend is 180 degrees backward. Professional and armature photographers compete in an idiotic race of making a flashier website to set them apart, disregarding the fact that it’s not the pretty flash intro or the fancy background illustration that will get them work. In many cases the quality of their work is hideous at best, and the fancy webpage doesn’t even scratch the void.

    But you are a professional. You’re an accomplished and very talented artist but sometimes you have to look at your art from the eyes of an average Joe and not through the viewfinder either. I like the general idea of the dark site, it’s simple, it’s elegant, and your photos look great on the background, but the text of the navigation is not readable. (The hover)

    The order of the navigation menu is also questionable, since the about page comes before the price page. You need some custom social media integration, (not a plugin, that would take away from the site). Also your price list page is not inviting at all, nor does it make it easy for me to order anything.

    But the biggest problem of your website is the page load speed. It is one of heaviest website I have ever seen, and I know exactly why. I work with photographers a lot, and I constantly have to yell at them to keep the sizes down but they never listen. Photographers only think in “print” and not the web, and that’s what kills your site eventually.

    You need some serious page load time optimization. Here’s the report on your page load which is worst than awful:

    Another very important thing that you are overlooking is the SEO. The description for your front page is:

    “Fine Art Photography – Which one would you hang on your wall?”

    No one, and I repeat, no one will ever search for anything remotely close to what you have in there. This is a business, and a business that can’t be found is just another dead page on the internet. You need to figure out what you want out of this site. Is it going to be a representation of your great work? If it is, you need to make it as good as your photos, otherwise you just discredit yourself.

    Sorry about the long post, and no disrespect intended. I gave you my honest professional opinion and good luck with your site.



    Thank you Chris.

    The only area you raise that is not important in my case is seo. clients come to the site either by external advertising or a direct search for my name. I doubt people wanting to spend money on art are doing google searches as a first step but after some research.

    Hello Chris F,

    In my opinion its all a little cumbersome.
    I’m a photographer and I’m currently setting up my site, so you can have a bash at mine soon ;o)
    I work purely with film and I think simplistic is the way to go like the other chris says.

    I really think you should do away with comments around pictures. Maybe have a comments page if you really want opinions on there. I generally think they look unprofessional.
    What do you think?


    Good day…

    Thank you for asking for feedback. First, I need to qualify my comments: 1) I’m an amateur photographer. 2) I’m brand new here & this is my 1st post. 3) I just laid the foundation for my 1st blog as of last week (

    Here’s my two cents: <> Page is too dark… <> Some of the fonts are too small, too dark, including the comments section, & your menu bar on page 2.

    I’ll be happy to open up my area for feedback. Right now, I’m overwhelmed with knowing the content (The look) I want and learning how to do it.

    Gook luck!

    Thank you guys, appreciate you taking the time to share your thought.

    From a marketing point comments on post are more powerful than people realize. However though i think they can add to a viewers perception it is not information a visitor comes specifically to look for. So my thinking is if having it then make it easily visible.

    Also i prefer not to have more links than needed. Do you ever go to sites and there just seems to be an endless set of links? Just another reason i would avoid having comments on another page. Minimal clicks for visitors.

    I have lightened the background so hopefully it is easier on the eyes.

    I’ll share mine with you it’s not finished yet see what you think so far.

    [Link removed. If you want a review, please post your own topic.]

    Hey RLE your link would have been removed my a moderator but if you start a thread i’ll take a look.

    No idea why they did that given the context I have put a review post up your comments would be appreicated.

    Cheers RLE

    Don’t spam my thread idiot!

    Sorry guys, the troll has been removed since my last comment.

    I’ve done a bit of updating based on the above advice. Cheers guys.

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