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  • I’ve been playing around with the free theme photo lounge from slr lounge and made a few adjustments courtesy of several here who have volunteered code tips and advice.

    This is my first venture into wordpress and am enjoying it very much.

    Any thoughts, tips etc appreciated as is the help that has hitherto consistently been forwarded my way by members here.

    I will integrate the galleries with the theme but not rushing at this point, Blog can be seen at


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  • Great photography!

    Thank you, very much.

    My constructive critique would be that the default font color that your commentators use to post doesn’t have enough contrast with your background thereby making it difficult for anyone to read.

    Thanks cc bravo.

    I can apparently make some adjustment in the plugin code but anytime i’ve changed hex code where i’m told to it has made no difference but i do agree and will keep working on that. Thank you.

    Nice looking site. I love dark themes. The bg looks like the ceiling fabric on a porsche 911. Am I right? 😛

    Nice work.

    I would like to get a few tips from you about how to create such an open space WP site.

    Might be able to trade some other web knowledge.
    cheers tom2nz”AT”

    I love dark themes too,nice work!

    Thanks all, you know the bg isn’t from a Porch bit i’m going to take a look at one now and maybe tweak my background to suit, good call.

    firstly, your blog takes ages to load, but that can be due to the amount of images you have. Perhaps you can cut down on the number of images to show up on the homepage, or make them of lower resolutions. However, do not re-size them on the browser, do it offline before you upload them.

    Am not a fan of black backgrounds and white fonts, and in this case, it is hard to read the fonts because the text is a lighter shade of black.

    also, i do not find single post pages. somehow the post titles on the homepage are not click-able and they do not take me to the single posts.

    Among other things, you got an excellent and brand able logo, i like it very much. the logo is linking to the /blog1 page, perhaps you can link it to the homepage itself. Good to see the language translator on the blog, that helps a lot. The image quality is good though, it is slowing your front page, but on single pages, those images at current resolution will look excellent.

    Thanks a ton for that feedback. Of course from my own computer i’m not as aware re the load time so that is really important to know.

    I’m putting the titles in the actual post so that may be why they don’t link to single post so i will look into that.

    Look very nice blog to me along with fantastic photography. The theme is also great – keep it up.

    Thanks Jodiac, how were the load times for you.

    I am very much impressed by the theme.Load time was very good.Overall Great work keep it up.:)

    Thank you. I would appreciate anyone elses thoughts on the load time. I did test on the weekend while interstate but realized my site may be cached on the computers i tested with. I need to do a drive around to some internet cafes.

    Thanks again everyone.

    The above link posted by rhino21 is spam, anyway to have that deleted?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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