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  • Please can you explain a new feature I’ve noticed since upgrading to 3.5 regarding the media uploader.

    Once you’ve made a gallery of images and published them, as I have at, and if you click on one of the images, sometimes you’ll see information about the type of camera used, the aperture, shutter speed, distance etc,..

    I presume this information is only available if the photographer has allowed it, but as this is a new feature and is not explained in any documentation or videos I’ve researched prior to upgrade, I would like to know where the system finds the information.

    I commisson photographers and they will certainly be asking me how wordpress picks up this information and whether they have the option to leave it out, or to add it. If they want to add it, where do they do that ?


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  • Additionally, I’ve discovered something that really is a problem.

    The caption and photographic credit inforamtion is not being uploaded into the new media uploader when I select files to upload. This is critical for my business – can you please explain why the information is no longer being picked up ?

    And what can be done about it, please ?

    Whereabouts is the photo information displaying?
    When a photo is taken on a DSLR metadata ( is written into that photo. This can be stripped out later on with the use of different software (e.g. lightroom) or can be left untouched.
    I’m don’t know of any way of turning on or of this information – maybe a plugin exists?

    The photo information displays, as I said at the top, when you click on some of the photos in a gallery once they’ve been published.

    I appreciate the reply but can one of the wordpress developers responsible for this upgrade please get back to me on this ? I realise it’s all voluntary and free and a community space but surely the engineers responsible are the ones who can answer these questions for me, and anyone else who wants to know ?

    I keep plugins to an absolute minimum because despite being a great so-called selling point of wordpress, I find the whole ‘free’ concept inevitably means no, or little support (or being driven here and ‘hoping’ for some support) and while I’m sure they are all doing their best to offer community products and are very busy with other work, I’d much rather pay for products that have been tested with the rigour of, say, Apple developers, so that I know what I’m buying is compatible with everything I already have and that if an upgrade is issued and there are poblems, that wordpress will fix the problems rather than leaving me high and dry. I think that would be a massive step forwards for wordpress. Still, it’s too late now….

    If anyone can offer relevant support it would be much appreciated…

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