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  • Galen Evans


    After about three months and half a dozen theme re-designs, I think I’m finally happy with the way my website looks:

    Galen Evans, Photographer

    As a photographer, I wanted to come up with a solution that would showcase my work, but still allow me to have regularly updated informational content – WordPress seemed to meet all of my needs, and then some. The actual “blog” is in the News & Information section, but the entire site is built on WP with the exception of:

    The “Client Proofs” area is powered by Coppermine Gallery; I was able to design the theme to match my WordPress theme.

    “Event Ordering” links to, a company that handles my large event ordering needs. Sadly, their them selection is lacking and they don’t allow for custom theming.

    What may be of interest to other users is that I’ve been able to create a static home page, secondary pages with a bottom bar, and post pages with a sidebar.

    Take a look and let me know what you think!


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  • Arnold Goodway


    You mentioned that you wanted to showcase your work, you most certainly managed that in quite a spectacular way. Yours is truly a splendid site, dare I say, one of the better photography sites out there. Well done.

    The only thing that I do not like about your site is the fact that it is not mine. 😉



    Yes, ArnoldGoodway is absolutely right. You’ve done an amazing work. I love photography too, I have a gallery on flickr, but your portfolio is just incredible.

    Congrats for the site!

    Galen Evans


    Thanks for the kind words! It’s nice to hear, with all of the work I’ve put into the site. 😉


    Ryan Paul


    I second those comments. If your website was a woman, I’d marry it.



    You might try linking the tags in your header to some of your images (relevant to each term e.g. portrait, fine art etc.).



    Excellent work 🙂

    Is is a customized theme or regular theme ?

    Very well managed site, beautiful work

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    Galen Evans


    othellobloke: Uh…I don’t know how to answer that. 😉

    TigerD7: I’ve been thinking about that, but those tabs are my blog tagline and I can’t have links in it (that I know of). For now, its main purpose is to serve as a secondary title with <h2> tags for SEO purposes.

    kumarsaran: I started off with a blank WordPress theme, but the design was highly influenced by the Tweaker2 theme. The front page had its inspiration in f8-lite.

    In order to keep it as lean and quick as possible, I only added bits of code as I needed them, and have taken bits and pieces of code from perhaps four different themes. CSS was done pretty much from the ground up, with only a reset section to begin with.

    Another note, which I didn’t mention in my original post. As a photographer, my old website(s) – as with those of perhaps most photographers – featured only a menu and slideshow on the front page. The problem with that approach is that search engines have almost nothing to work with. My current solution allows me to have very specific word content targeted for search engines, while still showcasing my work. The result has been a significant increase in my page ranking in a ridiculously competitive, if not bloated, profession.




    Your site really looks great!



    The photographs that you took enhanced the style of the website. Good job! It was worth showing. 🙂


    Sen Liang


    Very beautiful and powerful website.



    Wow. This is really really really good.
    The monochrome theme really sets the mood for simplicty and elegance

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    Great job and I appreciate the investment of hours you’ve put in. I own a web company but am relatively new to using WordPress; so I really applaud you for learning to do what you did!

    I’ll come to see you for pics; please visit me for a food fix!

    Galen Evans


    Thanks for your thoughts, everyone.

    TigerD7: I did what you suggested and made links out of the tabs at the upper right, and put them in <h2> tags while I was at it to help with SEO. Every little bit seems to help.



    Only problem I have noticed. When you open a picture from your port, there is no option to close the window it comes up in. I had to use the back button.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 36 total)
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