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  • installed Photogram and
    1. the post slider on HOME is not working – showing
    2. Pinterest connected gallery is not working [set up user name on panel].
    3. instagram connect gallery is not working [set up user name on panel]..
    Know how to change the bottom line text?
    Any suggestions anyone how to fix it?

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  • 1. You need to make a sticky post, with the image saved as featured image. Text should be added to the excerpt field, especially if you need links. Make the sticky post by clicking ‘quick edit’ in the post archive and tick the box.
    2. Not tried it
    3. Had no problems myself so can’t suggest.

    Your social icons look different to mine – yours ‘dropdown’ grey from blue, mine fade from blue to grey on hover. I’m on version 1.04, are you on 1.1.2? (Might be the issue with 2 & 3????)

    hey, thanks. what do you mean “with the image saved as featured image.”?
    When I make the sticky post the pic is gone from the post, no slider appear on HOME.

    yeep, I”m on 1.1.2 v. and it stat’s that “my themes are all up to date”.
    non of the photo on Photogram theme are shown collectivly on the Blog/ Homw page. Do I need to downgrade to 1.04 ?!

    So create a post, give it a title, perhaps add some text to the main section, for the image you want to appear in the slider, upload that on the featured image section, right column in the backend, fairly low down. if you can see it, check screen option tab at the top of the screen and select it. click featured image and choose the pic. Save. Now, in the main list of all your posts, quick edit the one you just made and select the sticky post check box.

    Images saved as photograph-post-type should appear on homepage automatically. You create those by adding a new photograph post (not normal post) and again have to save that image as a featured image as above.

    it’s highly time consuming and I’m no longer going to produce galleries in that way, instead using the default wordpress gallery and using easy-fancybox plugin. that has the benefit of allowing you to create several different galleries, and being able to click through to the next image while viewing the enlarged one. I’ll make these galleries on posts. you could then give each post with a gallery a featured image so these can then appear on the homepage, but i don’t like where the featured image appears in the normal archive so i might try something else.

    oh yes, in the photogram dashboard, make sure on the front page settings you have ‘photograph post type’ selected, otherwise it won’t show images.

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    Sorry for the issue of thumbnail, we already fix it on photogram 1.1.4, but still pending for the update. Please be wait for the update.


    I am trying to put a youtube video in the Sticky Posts Slider but it does not work. Can you let me know how I can do so?

    I currently have a few posts up running in the Sticky Posts Slider. I want to add a youtube video in front of the few image slides.




    “Unless you’re having 100% without any doubts or variation, the exact same problem, do not post in someone else’s thread. Start your own topic.

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    Hi instman,

    To use photogram slider in homepage you can set sticky post in your post, and we already update new version of photogram (1.1.6) to fixed pinterest in home page.

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