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    I am running the Photogram theme (for gallery purposes only) (, which is unsupported from the developer because it is a free theme – so help is incredibly hard to come by. Therefore, I have a few questions.

    Here is my site. Don’t judge! It’s not even close to being done. & here is the main:

    First, I want to reverse the background colors to match my main site (black main section, white header/footer). I would also like to change the fonts to the same as my main site.

    Second, I can’t figure out how to change the number of images that show up on the home gallery page. Currently it’s only 10, but I would like it to be more.

    Last but not least, it seems to be loading insaaaaaaanely slow. Is that my server or the code?

    Thank you for any help that you can provide!!

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  • Hello Kat,

    It is nice to see your listing here. It is one of the themes that I list in my blog as well. Here are your solutions:

    1. Reverse background color and font
    Add this code to your style.css:
    .main-container{ background: #151515; }
    body{ font-family: "Vegur",sans-serif; }

    2. For the number of gallery, you might be able to change it at Reading section under Setting tab inside your WordPress admin. Otherwise, check your theme admin options to see if it has.

    3. There are many factors that affect performance. It can be server, theme, graphic etc.



    Great, thanks for the help. I managed to change the colors and the font with your help.

    I am still stuck on changing the number of photos that show, as well as the load speed.

    Any one else able to offer some insight?

    Thank you in advance!



    I came up with a few more things I could help use help!

    I managed to get the menu on the main page to be where I want it (after two hours of trial & error!), but as soon as you click on a category, it is covering things up. I tried to put a black bar underneath the header, like on the main page, but had no luck. Can someone help with this?

    Also, and I think this is javascript so it can’t be changed, but when you click on an image and it zooms in, underneath is the title. I want that to go away, or at the very least be able to format it so it doesn’t look so awful.

    Again, any help is appreciated! Thank you!

    @kathleen – while it’s understandably frustrating to not have support from the developer, these forums only support themes from the repository on this site. If you opt to use a theme from someplace else, you might want to consider hiring someone to help you with it:

    Or find a theme that is supported here and we’d be happy to help.



    I understand that, but I didn’t see the harm in asking for help if someone was willing to offer it. I actually use Minimatica for the rest of my site and absolutely love it. Thanks for the link though.

    Sure, you can certainly ask – just wanted you to know why you may or may not get a lot of replies :).

    Minimatica for the rest of my site

    That’s what I thought remembering your earlier thread – so do you have a separate gallery site?

    Might be easier to use a plugin for the gallery?



    I have very little experience with WP (as you may have guessed) and had never considered a plugin. I like the way Photogram “stacks” the images. Do you know of any like that? And thanks for your help!

    Probably the most widely used NextGEN Gallery:

    Don’t know if it will do exactly what you want, but it may be worth checking out.

    It does seem quite labor intensive and challenging to have two separate WP installs and try to make them “play nice” with each other — unless standalone and separate is what you want. (i.e. you can’t use more than one theme on a single site…)

    Hi there guys,

    I am also a photographer and also decided to use Photogram as my theme. After reading this post I am confused? Is this forum only for WordPress themes? And if so what do you suggest I use as a photography blog/portofolio. I am new to wordpress and has been struggling for almost a week to get my website up and running. Any advice or help would be appreciated. The link to my side is

    @lightpoint – yes these forums are only for WordPress Core, themes and plugins that are from this site – see tabs above for theme and plugin pages. Also, please read the forum welcome — and note that you need to start your own thread for your own questions — it’s considered rude to hijack another person’s thread. This may be a good starting point:
    Then if you have specific questions, someone can help you in a new thread :).



    Thanks for your help! I went with a plugin for now, and am going to find a developer to help me in the meantime.

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