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PhotoGallery Integration

  • SychoSly


    I would like to integrate a photo gallery into my web site. I currently have “gallery” which is the stand alone photo gallery but it sticks out like a sore thumb with a completly different template.

    I found Simple Phot Gallery which integrates into WP1.2 or so, but I am using Wp 1.5.

    WOuld someone be able to help me integrate a gallery into my site?

    THank You.

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  • There are numerous threads discussing the multitude of plugins for this person. A quick search or click the “photoblog” tag atop the current discussions.

    Also, I’ve seen some good things from Gallery2 and the plugin to integrate that into WP.





    I think I may have asked the question wrong.

    Could someone possibly help me integrate a photogallery into my website, so that the theme I have for the blog is the same for the photogallery?


    I understood the question. And did you look at my suggestion? I believe it addresses the issue of integration into existing theme, so may the flickr gallery. If you simply want someone to do the work, then you may want to look into HIRING someone.

    If you want support in doing it yourself, once you find a plugin to use, and run into problems, then somone will gladly answer questions here or in another thread.



    Have you looked into wpg2? I use it on my family website and it works great. It integrates gallery2 and wp.



    Wait for Plogger, that looks really good.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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