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  • SO many pretty themes, but no one has made a photoblog theme yet? Yes, yes, I know–I could simply modify any existing theme to suit my one-a-day-photoblogging needs. I just wanted to see if anyone perhaps knew of a photoblog theme that I just haven’t found yet.

    I’m looking for something that shows one entry per day, archives as thumbnails, you know the photoblog drill.

    Any out there that you know of?

    Thanks much.

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  • What I would like to see is a PhotoBlog Theme Contest.

    Now, somebody go do that ok? 🙂

    Crissy, did you see this?

    It’s not real integration, but kinda – folderblog is very nice and easy to set up

    You can see it in action at

    Actually, I did! I even use that theme modified on my blog.

    I’d really like to use WP for the photoblog, though. And yeah… why all these creative genius-types aren’t running out to make photoblog themes for me I don’t know! I’ll second the contest idea!

    I’m actually thinking of going to MT simply b/c there are a couple of good photoblog templates out there that I can modify. I’m not a total dummy, I can tweek to my liking, but I don’t have the patience to try to design my own theme from scratch 🙁

    Hey, maybe I can help. I’m getting ready to setup a WP photoblog on one of my sites, I can lend you a hand if you like? Let me know. L.

    Definitely. I’m looking for a one-a-day type pblog with thumbnail archive. Lemme know if you decide to share your theme 😀

    Ok, it took me long enough but the photoblog theme is ready. Here’s the link to see it in action: and you can download it here

    There’s a readme file in the zip and I’ll probably do a write up on it tomorrow on my blog on how I got everything set up.

    holy crap, you actually made one! it looks great! thanks so much!

    What happens if you have more than 5 pics to show? It loaded slow and the pictures were incomplete on my IE. Will try Firefox when I get home.

    Also, if you search the forum, or click on the tag for “photoblog” you will find that a LOT of people have been working on this. Many of them want “their own look” not just one prepackaged, but as interest evolves, I hope more people design photoblog Themes.

    Good on you all for insisting and coming through with some stuff.

    How about helping others who want to know how to do a photoblog by sharing what makes a photoblog “different” from a normal blog? How do you handle the tags and Loop for generating a photoblog? Obviously, it isn’t as easy as “using any old Theme”, so why isn’t it?

    If anyone with experience in this would like to write an article for the Codex to help others who want to do photoblogs, then that would be great. If you all just want to put pointers here, I’ll track the thread and turn it into a Codex article, if you want. But this is something obviously needed, so let’s help each other.

    I think what makes this theme so great is that it gives me (and others) all of the pieces necessary to modify and make a custom photoblog. I don’t intend to keep the colors and design just like that, but I can focus on changing the LOOKS of the photoblog and not trying to make myself sick in order to achieve things like thumbnailed archives.

    I COULD figure it out if I spent three weeks, but, luckily there are people out there who are way smarter/quicker than me. lol.


    So what are the “pieces necessary” to have a photoblog?

    You mentioned one: thumbnailed archives. Any idea how that it done?

    No, I have no idea how it’s done, which is why I’m elated that someone has made this theme. lol.

    Lorelle, I’m planning on putting together something to help others create their own photoblog themes from scratch. It’s going to take me a while just because of time constraints right now but it is on the way.

    nmallory – on the main page the thumbnails at the bottom are just the previous five, if you go to one of the categories or the archives page then you’ll see that it’s set up to show all for that particular category or archive.

    Interesting. I’m looking to start a photolog to be used both as a portfolio for my stained glass work and for my photography. No reason why my parents have to be the only ones subjected to it. 😉

    If I get a chance this weekend, I’ll look into using your design. Thanks!

    unveiled: please let me know how I can help to get this into the Codex. Thanks for the effort. This is valuable information.

    You can also reach me via my User Page on the Codex.

    Also, Podz posted this link for specific information related to photoblogs:

    Looks like a great resource.

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