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  • Well I finally got around to moving my photo site. It took some time because I wanted one post display and a few extras to make surfing the site seamless. The design is slightly different than what it was. I was going for a cleaner look.
    Was worried initially because my photo site is over a year old and the idea of losing anything was scary. Needless to say it was a flawless move.
    The Life Around Me
    Now I can focus (literally) and taking some better shots ;d
    Thank You WordPress.

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  • Great 🙂

    Alamba78 – thanks, yes it seems those files didn’t have the correct permissions for the “update blogroll” plugin. I woke up this morning as was like “oooh nooo”.. I’m glad it was nothing major ;d

    I’d take off the mystery meat navigation at the top. Links that aren’t clear what they are aren’t a good thing, in my opinion. Other than that, it looks awesome!

    Could you mind to write a wiki page to show how to make WP as a photoblogging system to build a photoblog?
    I believe many people want to know how.

    I agree – I am *just* getting started and want to set up my first photoblog. I managed to get WP installed and running, but would like to set up my photoblog in the same style as “The Life Around Me.” Even a few quick pointers would be helpful…

    Just saw this.. hmm not sure where I would start but I’ll try to give it a shot ;d. I basically took all the features I wanted from WP and played with the code. Used scripts from Scripty Goddess and other snippets of code I’ve found here and there. I modified the comment function template so it wouldn’t drop into a < ul> style (backed up the original of course) as I wanted to keep it all on one line.
    I’m still deciding on the “meat” navigation. I do want to modify the top portion as I think it’s taking up a little too much precious space.
    What I did was surf many photo blogs. Remember, there is only so much uniqueness you can achieve with this type of layout, with the photo being the center of attention.
    I don’t mind sharing the code at all as I don’t believe it is entirely my own. I’ll post back here later this week when I have what I did for the site up.

    Scripty Goddess my link was no good so I’m posting it again. Check out her categories and go to WordPress. Good stuff there.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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