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  1. sylvainman
    Posted 9 years ago #

    i'm creating a new photoblog in wordpress.
    but i need 3 informations to go further, perhaps you could help me. my project is here : http://www.sylvainthomin.com/pblog

    1/ i would like to display the comments on the index.php page without any pop-up. i found some tips but it was for wp 1.2 or wp 1.5 and i have wp 2.0.5. how could i do that ?

    2/ i would like to display exif data of the picture of the day in the description part. i have found plugins but none works with my template or how i would like.

    3/ is it possible to click on the picture to go to the previous one ? if it is, how coud i do this ?

    thanks a lot.

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