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  • Nice find, glacier-boy.

    Moderator James Huff


    I highly recommend SimpleViewer. The default controls are a little wonky (To create a gallery: add photos into “images” folder, customize the buildgallery script, run the buildgallery script, add image comments in imagedata.xml. To update a gallery: create the gallery again.), but it’s in the early stage. There is a 3rd-part admin interface available, but I don’t know how integrate it’s development is with SimpleViewer itself. It really does look nice and has a simple, flash-based interface. It’s literally like have flickr on your site.

    View the SimpleViewer site and check out the demos:

    Just my 2 cents.

    I’m using the SimpleViewerAdmin interface and I like it a lot. It makes photo gallery creation and picture uploading very simple, and the quick configurations are a breeze. My only problem came when I tried to view the gallery I created because nothing but a blank page would come up. To solve that, I just copied all the files (except for index.html) from the SimpleViewer download into the SimpleViewerAdmin folder. Upon viewing the gallery afterwards, everything showed up.

    My only question is this: can I somehow integrate my WordPress template into SimpleViewer so that all my pages match? If so, how would I go about doing it (what files should I change)?

    I’m trying to do this with Version 1.5 and I keep getting stuck as well. I’d love to get some advice on it.

    I had it working, but it wouldn’t get past the “loading data” section.

    I’m wondering if the problem is with the mod_rewrite rules. I put SimpleViewer on a “page” at /photo/people (I had to create a new template page to put the Flash Code onto)

    I’m tempted to just put everything back at the root of my server and just try to include the page. I wonder if the rewrite would still screw it up.

    My thing was getting stuck too .. although I havent integrated it to wordpress yet… Yet in earlier cases when the flash was getting stuck at the “loading..” Stage, I found the problem was that the flash file was not getting the imageData.xml file correctly. I had rectified this error by changing the flash movie load code to

    src=”” into the index.html page, thus ensuring that the flash file always connects to the xml …

    Can you try this out, and if it works can you tell me how to integrate it to WordPress, I am a noob at PHP

    Has anyone solved this? I keep getting a big black square! It works fine on its own but trying to intergrate into WP seems to be a bit wonky. I really would love to use this if I can get it to match the rest of my site.

    i am trying to recall that there is a plugin that allows swf to be included in a WP “Page” or “Post”. That may be the trick, use simpleviewer with that flash/wp plugin.

    trying out folderblog at the moment….

    Moderator James Huff


    Integration into WP would be ideal sounds very promising. Does SimpleViewer allow/enable image posting? ie. adding images into a post through some interface?

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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