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  • I have gone through about 10-12 different photo gallery plugins for WordPress, and the only one that met my feature criteria was aNiga gallery which is incompatible with WP2.5 and not likely to be updated anytime soon.

    I’ve tried nextGEN, WPG2 (and a full installation of Gallery2), Duh Gallery, Inline Gallery, and a bunch of others. I’m really only looking for one feature: nested photo albums. WPG2 does it, but it’s not a very native solution and requires a lot of hacking and customizing to get it to work with some of the WordPress functions available in normal template files.

    I’ve Googled and combed these forums, and other people have brought it up, but I haven’t seen a resolution. Does anyone know of a photo gallery plugin for WordPress 2.5 that handles nested albums and possibly video? And that can be embedded through adding some kind of tag within the content of a page?

    My website depends heavily on the structure of parents and children and whatnot.

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  • Hi, did you try out AWSOM Pixgallery? I assume you mean nested galleries in the sense that you can have folders within folders within your gallery. AWSOM Pixgallery allows you to do this by simply adding a folder to an existing gallery and it appears. You then just add a code to your post/page referencing the main gallery and it and all sub folder galleries appear.

    Yes, nested galleries meant folders within folders. I’m surprised I didn’t come across Pixgallery in my searches.

    However, it doesn’t seem like Pixgallery lets you embed the photos from your gallery in posts. And it also doesn’t have a web-based upload interface. I’d very much like to keep the interaction with the website within the WordPress admin panel. =[

    Thanks for the suggestion, though. =[

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