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  • I was talking to a friend who has designed and supported a credit advisor website for quite a few years.

    He indicated that his client and he received certified mail (letters) and collection attempts for usage of photos on their respective websites and demands to prove they have a legal right to use the photos (purchase documentation)

    If I use a WP theme (2010 or 2011 for example) and I do not change the pictures…am I safe to use the pictures for an ulimited time?

    Does each “wp build” have governance or compliance documentation that I can fall back on if I use a WP design and I am confronted with some legal opportunist?

    Also, are there stock photo sites that play well with the OpenSource community at large?

    My concern is that Getty and other organizations can permit the use of photos for a specific amount of time…OR can change their license agreements/permissions at will.

    thank you for being there!

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  • In each WP theme there’s a file called license.txt that details the nature of your rights regarding WordPress. Sticking with the stock photos should be a safe move.

    There are a number of free sites out there. Most require attribution back to the original site as a condition to use the image/graphic of your choice. They will have a license that will lay out what you need to do in order to use the image. Comply with that and you should be okay.

    I’m not a lawyer and I can’t offer legal advice. But these are the steps I follow: read and understand the license, store a copy of the license and comply with the license terms.

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