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  • I tried searching for this, but I guess i couldn’t phrase it right to pull up an answer.

    On my site,, i have started uploading photos in my posts. If you click on the headline, you go to the post’s page which will ultimatly have more text to it. But if you were to click on the photo, you go to a page with the larger photo (good), but the content is just “uncategorized, blah blah bla” (bad).

    I missed something; a checkmark or checked the wrong one… Both links should have gone to the same page, with the large photo and the content.

    A) Is it a simple fix or do i start over?
    B) What should i have done?


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  • It seems like there’s some confusion about how the posting and image system works.

    When you insert an image into the post you can choose whether it’s full size or thumbnail and where it links to. When you’re at this point, it sounds like what you usually want is to have the full size image in your post and have it link to nothing. By putting the full image with no link into your post you will have it set so that the single-article pages will look like you expect, big image followed by text.

    The problem is that there’s no really easy way to only show a thumbnail on the front page without posting the ‘post excerpt’ seperately from the content. You use the ‘optional post excerpt’ box below the other posting boxes on the editing page. Whatever you put in there will be seperate from the actual post content and I’m pretty sure you could put in the small thumbnail (using size: thumbnail, and link to: post).

    The only thing you then have to do is go into your theme file and change the printout for the articles in index.php to use the_excerpt() instead of the_content() (search in the file for the_excerpt() and you should be able to find it). The single article page is run with the single.php template, so as long as it has ‘the_content()’ everything should keep going.

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