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  • Im new to WordPress…just moving over from TypePad. I loved the way TypePad handled photos. So far Ive tried Singapore and PictPress. Singapore is what I really was looking for as far as fuctionality etc, but my hosting provider runs in PHP Safe mode so Singapore wont function correctly. PictPress looked nice, but I dont want to have to install a whole installation of WP just for my photos……can anyone make any other suggestions as to script I could look into?

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  • I don’t know how TypePad handled it, so why don’t you tell us what sort of functions you are wanting, then people might be able to give suggestions about what would work.

    PictPress is a plug-in. You do not need a whole new installation of WP to run it.

    Hmm, they I may have been thinking about another script…something esle with a P….Sorry.
    All I want is something fair clean and simple….that I can customize with XHTML, and CSS. Thumbnails, next/back nav would be nice….I really dont care if the photos have titles or descriptions.

    Maybe you were looking at Pictorialis

    Why don’t you try iPap or Photostack

    Pictorialis Im a bit confused about….since I already have WP installed, so install this over it? Or in a seperate directory?
    IPap and Photostack…kept giving me errors, which I tried to fix through asking at forums but it didnt get far. (im not a PHP guru like some of you 🙂
    Singapore gave me errors because PHP is running in Safe Mode on my server…….which sorta knocks out a few other scripts I looked into because non of them can run with safe mode enabled. And the hosting company wont shut it off.
    Anymore suggestions?

    Sumaira, why don’t you look in the wiki to find the different hacks/plugins/mods to find one that best suits your purpose. If you could show us an example of what exactly you want, in the form of a webpage that does that already, that would be great.
    Exhibit is another good wordpress photo plugin/mod…

    @ 2fargon
    Is an example of the layout/functionality ? of the thumbnails I want….but the script itself for that is too simple. I like the ability to create albums, and have thumbnails generated etc….
    Is also a great example…and they use Photostack..which Ive tried to install it and the furthest I have gotten was:
    And thats just the SAMPLE album giving me errors…lol

    Change hosts to one that doesn’t run php in safe mode, I’ve intergrated Singapore into wordpress and it works like a dream!

    Singapore will run quite happily in safe mode, if you just turn off visitor tracking. The basic functionality of uploading, cataloging and displaying images remains intact even with safe mode on.

    I like Singapore for much of the same reasons I like WP. It’s simple and does what it should.
    Other gallery scripts I looked at were Coppermine, and Folderblog, but Singapore seems to be the best companion for WP.

    Try the exbit plugin. I was on the same search as you and was very dissapointed with what I was finding. I still have one issue outstanding with the plugin (clicking the thumbnail doesn’t switch the imagee), but as soon as I get it resolved I’ll have a fully integrated image gallery. And the plugins author (ringmaster) is active on these boards.

    @noname: simpleviewer looks really nice, but then this look is hardwired into Flash, which makes customising difficult. PhotoStack has a very similar look and feel and just uses plain ol’ xhtml.

    @billramby: I use exhibit, just for including images related to posts and keep the gallery separate, though with the same design as WP, so the transition is hardly noticed going from one to the other. My issues are the following:
    a) I don’t get the text to flow around the image.
    b) I can’t postition the image in the text, it either goes to top or to bottom.
    c) I’d like an option where when you click on the image it doesn’t open the post or a larger version of the image, but jumps to a URL which I want to define separately, i.e. a gallery with more images in the gallery part of my site. That would allow me to have a “proper” gallery, with just a teaser in WP.

    @everybody: I read about ImageBrowser for WP in the forum, but can’t seem to find it. Is it still being developed? Where can I find it?


    you can find Image Browser here

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