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  • Are there any photo plugins/tools that create wordpress pages for each photo? I’d like my gallery to be completely integrated into wordpress, including using the wordpress comments, user accounts, and (hopefully) page management tools.

    Just by hand, I tried making a page for each photo, with previous/next links to other pages, and a gallery page containing thumbnails. The result was exactly what I want, but took too much effort.

    I’ve looked at most of the photo plugins listed in the codex, haven’t really found anything that strikes me.

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  • FAlbum (flickr album) does, though getting it to work in a custom theme is a bear… besides the directions provided in the wiki at Randombyte (, you have to meet these standards if your wp theme is custom:

    1) the opening body tag MUST be in header.php
    2) you have to modify wp-content/plugins/falbum/wp/album.php to modify it to conform to your custom template, or the “large” view of your image can blow your layout apart.

    And of course, this presumes you store images a


    Wow… that’s tough. I’d generally recommend a gallery system specifically if you are posting a lot of photos, as they are designed for this sort of thing. There’s just nothing to manage a photo-per-page kind of system at this point.

    BTW, you’d really want to do a photo-per-POST, not page, and change index/archives to enable showing thumbnails instead of larger pix. That’d make more sense. Even if you had to create a second blog, OR use a particular category just for photos…


    I know this doesn’t entirely meet your criteria, but my plugin, Lazy-K Gallery ( puts your gallery on a page. It does NOT allow comments for each individual photo, so it doesn’t entirely meet your needs, but it does allow using the wordpress page features such as commenting, user access, etc.

    Okay, this is something that will do what you want, and then some. And then some more. And then a ton more.

    The downside is that to get it started is a bit of work. Well worth it, though. Gallery has so many features, and is quite slick about it all.

    The goal is this: embed the fantabulous free software Gallery ( ) into your WordPress blog.

    You’ll need to download and setup both Gallery and the equally-creatively-named WPG2 ( ).

    I’m in the process of simultaneously implementing this embedded Gallery and creating a Gallery theme that would make it look as though it were embedded, to see which works better (I already have a hefty gallery). You can see my blog at < > and my gallery at < >.

    If that’s all a bit much to swallow, have a look at some of the plugins at < >. There are quite a few gallery plugins for varying degrees of complexity and power. Give one or two a shot.

    Good luck,

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