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  • copperleaf


    I’m in the process of redesigning my site (, which is primarily a photo gallery. I’m strongly considering on having the site be more of a blog instead of just a gallery. In looking at different sites that are photoblogs and galleries, I’m leaning torwards the idea of not having a separate gallery, but instead have blog categories in which a post is some words with a bunch of thumbnails. (In searching through this site, I believe there are a couple of different plugins that make this easier.)
    My question is, for those who have played with photoblogs, the plugins, galleries, etc., what is your opinion? It seems to me that categories could be layed out like albums. The plugins I’ve been reading up on so far are pictorialis and wp-photos.

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  • Chaplin


    I’m using Pictoralis, you can check it out at
    I like what it can do, though having to install WordPress a second time is a bit clunky IMHO. As well, the support element is severly lacking. I’ve had a question on the support forum for days without a peep.

    I agree that the two seperate installs are a bit clunky. Has anyone found a better way?

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