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  • I am new to and self hosted website. My main objective was to set up an easily navigated website and display my photography in an attractive way, not for sale mind you, since I’m an amateur photographer, but for my family, friends and my own enjoyment.

    So naturally, looking for a good photo gallery plugin was my first step.
    I can tell you, I’ve checked and tested many, it costed me a lot of frustrations, anger outbursts, lots of swearing and copious amounts of beer and other liqueur to ease my stress, and to be honest, I’ve had few moments with the Gmedia plugin as well, but..

    What attracted me to it in the first place was a very appealing and user friendly interface, even though, at first, I was baffled by those “modules”, the difference between a Gallery and an Album, what are those “Presets” for each module and what do they do? But I persevered… trying different things, reading user forums and learning to customize it the way I wanted.

    Does it do everything I imagined I wanted to have? The simple answer is no, but other photo galleries were not even close to what this one offers.
    I’ve read many reviews of this plugin, especially the ones with one star rating and it’s too bad that those users didn’t give it a fair chance and a bit of effort to learn it.

    And some of them did cracked me up, I have to admit, for example: “impossible to figure out without doing a ton of research”… daahhh… things in life DO require effort to learn like riding a bike, telling a good joke or getting married… otherwise you suck in everything.
    Or this one: “photos upload to the wrong location”…not true, unless YOU uploaded it to the wrong location. And this one topped my list: “way too complicated for non IT people”… jeez dude, Internet, computers and especially WordPress ARE complicated. Perhaps stick to outdoor fire, pen and paper and cathod ray tube TV?

    If you want a photo gallery plugin to do exactly what you have in your head, you have to write it yourself. And if you can’t do it, like me, give this one a try, it will do pretty much everything you want.

    A word on support for this plugin, because I’ve seen some 1 star reviews just titled “No Support”, really? In few cases I’ve had a specific question on how to use a particular feature and I have received an answer in a matter of an hour (forum on And just recently I had a suggestion for an additional feature. Rattus (I assume he is the developer or one of them) answered in just a few minutes, he said he would update the module tomorrow and sure enough, it was there next day!

    I come from IT world (not programming, mind you) and I had my share of dealings with technical support, either hardware or software, so it’s hard to impress me, but this guy did.

    This plugin is free and as far as I can tell, there is no difference between paid and free version, except for a small banner on the first picture of an album saying that it was created by Gmedia gallery, fair enough.
    This banner didn’t bother me at all but after a careful evaluation I paid for it and why? Because I wanted to support a developer that gives his hard work away for free! We have to appreciate this type of attitude. I consider it a donation to future development and support.

    And my last point: this is the only plugin I found (maybe there are others) that does not have a subscription model of payment, $40 to $80 per year. In this model (which many big companies adopt these days, I know, I’m dealing with them) you’re sucked in and have to pay every year if you invested a lot of work in your site and don’t want to loose it. Here, you have one time charge of about 30 bucks US. The developer made a smart decision to leave it up to me if I want to pay for future upgrades (which I will if I like a new feature I want).

    That’s all what I have to say (in just a few words, lol…) Really, give it a try and if you like it and use it, don’t be stingy and pay for it to support this great addition to your site!

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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