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  • Hi, i run a community news site for my local area and have a couple of freelance photographers and reports on my books who work with me.

    What i have been asked by the freelance photographers if i could create a section on my site where they could upload there photographs to a gallery and the public could purchace (via download) the photographs.

    Im sure this is possible but the problem i have is that ever photograph will be by a different photographer and each photographer will have there own paypal account.

    What we are looking to do is either for each photo that is sold, the money from the sale goes directly to the photographers own paypal account.

    If not then i could take the money then send the photographers the money at the end of the month etc. This could be a right ball ache if there are 10000 sales and 5 different photographers, trying to sort out which photographer is owned what etc.

    could anyone got any suggestion, ie of plug in or gallery that has this function? gallery2 maybe?

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