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  • Upgraded WordPress and quite a few things broke. I also upgraded the Plug-ins. I cannot add photos to the gallery. Shows the image name but not the photo. If I delete photos it leaves a blank white space. I read other threads and saw under DO NOT DELETE etc. but to upgrade to 2.0.7 Where is that upgrade? I can delete the whole gallery and start over if that is the fix. I no longer have some of the photos on my harddrive so I’d have to download them and then upload them again. Love the Pro version but need to know it works! before I purchase it. I spent hours on the Photo Gallery. geeezzz

    ANY support is welcome.

    Thank you,

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  • Sorry, should have read a little more.

    Host: HostGator
    Theme: Responsive
    Plugins: Previous Release: NextGEN Gallery 1.9.8
    Black Studio TinyMCEWidget 1.2.0
    Contact Form 3.5.2
    Custom Sidebar 1.2
    Lightbox Plus Colorbox 2.6 Active
    NextGEN Gallery 2.0.3
    Shortcodes Ultimate 4.1.1
    NextGen Flex Slider Template 1.6 , don’t think I’m using
    Easing Slider “lite” 2.1.2 “Love the New Release”

    I can disable these one at at time but I cannot “break” the website all at once. I learned WordPress back in Feb. Worked on the site for a couple of months. We put it on hold. Had issues with the Photo Gallery then. Add to erase all photos and reload to correct the order and take out blank spaces from deleted photos. Does that mean there was already a conflict with the plug-ins? I used Tyler Moore’s fabulous videos and followed every step! I would think he would have known if there were issues. Since I was new to WordPress and it has sat cold for 6mo having to refresh my memory. Only other issue, added some new pages and it put the link in the top right hand corner of my Home Page where the Google link, Bing link are. Working on that now. Maybe that is a clue. Don’t know.
    The site:

    This has been advertised even though it states: Under Construction

    Only future changes were to be adding pages, and possibly deleting and definitely adding photos.

    I’m patient. I/T Professional for 25yrs. Very Very New to WordPress. I could have picked a more end-user friendly tool. WordPress appeared to have more function even though I knew the learning curve would be a little longer. It’s 3am here. If you recommend disabling ALL plug-ins I will. I realize this is long. Trying to give you as much info as I can.

    Thank you for your assistance. Love the Pro Ver. Gotta make sure I won’t have any issues first.


    The issue with new pages adding themselves to top right was my error. Had Option Automatically add new top-level pages to this menu. One down Photo Album to go. thnx!

    Should have added found my error by looking at the code using Firebug. Using Firefox NOT IE

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @cbakardi – Yes, typically when trying to resolve potential conflicts (plugins or themes) one would deactivate all of the plugins, clear the browser caches, then start reactivating the plugins.

    IN this case, as you want to test NextGEN Gallery start with activating it first. Continue to reactivate and check after every plugin activation.

    If you are still seeing issues, please feel free to submit a Bug Report here:


    – Cais.

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