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  • Hi All, wonder if anyone can help…

    Currently adding features to my blog.

    I want a photo gallery installed. Basicly the features i want are that recent and random pictures appear in the sidebar as thumbnails…

    Also a gallery page… which contains albums which obvioyusly contain photos…

    I want something which is reasonably easy to install though.

    can anyone help? what should i use?


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  • eaglewheelie,
    i just got finish installing and customizing a photo gallery for a WP installation, i can help you out and get you exactly what you are looking for.

    i will give you the direct link to the site i just worked on to see how it works and functions. i would post it here, but the client has decided not to make the site public as he is still working on content. hope the community understands that i would post it here, but until it goes live, i am not allowed to broadcast it.

    hit me up at “designpastor” (at) “” and let’s see if we cannot make it happen for you.

    Hi All, i am not willing to pay an hour rate for someone to do this…

    I wish that someone could locate me a plugin to do this…

    i wish to feed the URL of an image into the gallery – no uploading

    I wish to have random and most recenet thumbnails on the sidebar and then a gallery page whioch displays my pictures inside of albums…

    Please help

    There are a couple that I have used: lazy-k gallery and ANIgal gallery. They are both simple to use and should do what you want.

    dont suppose you have links for them or a demo?

    so the community understands “eaglewheelie”‘s post ….

    i placed my email contact get further information into some possible galleries that he might be insterested in. having recently done a photo gallery for a client, i just wanted to see if what i used was something that he might be looking for. i posted my email, because at last, the client has not gone “live” but i can at least provide links on a limited basis. having shown him the gallery, he mentioned that this would be the perfect solution.

    so, i mentioned i could do it, but not exactly for free. i wish i could, but it did take me some time to modifiy the code to work seemlessly with WP with a clean look. therefore, i indicated to him i could do it today, before lunch and have him using it (in less than two hours from right now!). i do not think this would be unreasonable to promise i could have it done, without having to coach him through the installation and modification process, and meet his need for his website. obviously, he can flounder around and may or may not get it work, but my guarantee to him was to completely do it and even meet his request to modify the code to “feed” his photobucket account into the gallery.

    unfortunately, if you are looking for a plugin – it will not meet your needs. you might as well just put an image in your post and link it to your photobucket account. now if you want an actual “gallery” you cannot acheive this with a plugin the last i looked.


    if you could provide me the software or whatever i need, then i will play around myself with it. Im sorry, i dont have the money to pay for such convinience, and id rather have a go at it myself using the correct program…


    WP Plugin:

    that is it .. and it will produce this:

    obviously, there is modification done to the installtion of Gallery 2 the client is using … but that is roughly the tools used.

    btw, i have used the former and older Gallery (1.5) way back sometime when I was introduced to “”, and was using Coppermine until most recent, exclusively because of its enhancements over Gallery, but by far, since working with WP, the new Gallery 2 is by far, hands down, supreme. LOVE IT. LOVE IT.

    DesignPastor – sorry for the initial misunderstanding.

    If you need help, the Community is listening and you have my personal email.

    You can see them in action at The lazy-k and photography links in the Navigation section will give you examples.

    pretty cool – how do i get that?

    where and how 😛

    is there any way to feed image URL into rather than uploadign the image?

    If you are talking to me, I have a Plugins Used page on my site now. If you use that, you should be able to click on the links to lazy-k and anigal. If you need any help, let me know.

    BTW, I’ve never used wpg2, but after looking at the referenced site, I may try it.

    jwurster, by far Gallery 2 and the WPG2 plugin would be great for your site of photos …

    I am going to definitely recommend this option to anyone who uses WP and wants an photo gallery.


    The closest I’ve ever come is to try and make a PixelPost or ZenPhoto gallery have a similar theme as my wp site so they “look” integrated.

    It’s a fairly trial and error method, but I think Gallery2 looks too much like a poster-store, which is why I do it this way.

    jim: it does look like PixelPost and ZenPhoto has an impressive interface .. but does there exist an easy plugin to integrate either with WP?

    Gallery2 has such a plugin. i am not saying “abandon your current gallery” but it should be a STRONG consideration when creating an online photo gallery for pleasure or business. i am still trying to find on to meet my exact needs and while i have seen some good ones, i have not committed to one. it always seems that another program has a leg up on the one that you chose and took forever to custom to your needs.

    There will always be something better (?), newer, with more features. I have tried many, many gallery scripts and plugins. However, I still use the first script I found, DAlbum. It is a standalone script, but suits my needs just fine.

    Plogger is also a good one.

    There are plugins in both PixelPost and ZenPhoto for WP use. But I haven’t used them, so I don’t know how easy or hard they are. WP comes up in their forums all the time.

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