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  • Ya wanted to let people know that the Photo Galleria plugin by Thad Allender version 0.2.7 is not working now… Was working great, now it’s broken since latest update, so don’t update this plugin!!!!

    Also went to their home page and you have to pay to post in their forum, so hmm, thinking this is a ploy to get people to register and pay for help… Maybe not, but it seems fishy to me…

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  • The latest version 0.2.9 works perfectly with WP 2.9.2+.

    It was working for me with 0.2.7 as well. Perhaps, there might have been conflicts with plugin.

    Check to make sure you don’t have a conflicting javascript installed on your site via a plugin. Deactivate your plugins, one-by-one to find the culprit. We limit access to our support forum to paid subscribers. No question goes unanswered.


    It is indeed broken with version 3.0.

    The plugin works fine on the single post page but is broken on the front page.

    It is not a plugin conflict (this is a new installation and still very fresh) and the same behaviour was observed in a number of themes tested, including the default – so it is not theme-specific either.

    From what we can tell from the code there is an exclusion in the code to prevent the gallery showing on the front page (OK – that makes sense to me) – however, it still displays non-functioning thumbnails on the front page.

    We roughly hacked it so that the behaviour is the same on the front page as in the single post page. Example can be seen here:

    Please upgrade to the most recent version (0.3.1) 😉

    I love the plug-in. Simple, elegant… but In IE8, the thumbnails appear above the gallery as 150×150 images and also in their shrunken form at the bottom. This also occurs in the plug-in demo page. I tried to mess around with it, but having those thumbnails loaded from WP make the whole thing work, so I can’t get rid of them. They just disappear so nicely in the latest Firefox. This is a dealbreaker for my client. Any ideas?

    I also have the problem with IE8 like fresco_dougal. Please have a look at your demo-page with IE – newest WP and Photo Galleria, same problem.

    Philip Arthur Moore


    Volunteer Moderator

    Hey Gang. Try changing this:


    to this:


    Let me know how that goes.

    Philip Arthur Moore


    Volunteer Moderator

    A note of clarification. Those changes need to take place in the following location:


    You’ll find that code around line 298.

    Yep, Philip beat me to it. This is fixed in version 0.3.2.

    The change to the location of the scripts and styles from wp_head to the wp_footer eg:


    makes the HTML invalid since you should not have a <style> tag in the body.

    Is there a working update to solve this yet? I have tried this (latest version) in many themes and it breaks all of them in IE.

    Sooo frustrating as it is exactly what i need – a great little plugin!!!

    Try version 0.3.3. That fixes the IE issue.


    Version 0.3.3. still does not work properly in IE for me. It gives multiple javascript errors and really messes up the layout of the page.

    Philip Arthur Moore


    Volunteer Moderator

    Hey Gang. 0.3.4 should be out soon. In the meantime, just upgrade galleria.js to the latest version and IE should work fine. And to Bytelab, the new version of Photo Galleria places the CSS in the header and the JS in the footer.

    I had the same issue where my page blanked out due to a conflict. I have a heavy theme, e-commerce ish, and didn’t want to flip it. So I deleted this entire chunk

    [Code moderated as per the Forum Rules. Please use the pastebin]

    That resolved the homepage conflict issue. Of course if you want to display on archives, you might have to leave that part.

    Not sure if this is going to cause more problems, but going to test it now.

    Another option if you don’t mind adding some links you can use this – Gallery, but not as convenient.

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