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  • Photo Calendar v0.1 addon module for WordPress 1.01 or greater.
    Displays a tabular index of pictures posted in your blog as thumbnails in a calendar format, in purely automatic manner.
    Putting it simply, you get a calendar, in each cell of which you get a tiny thumbnail to a picture you have posted in your blog on that day (the first one, if there’s several, just a number of the day if there’s no pictures) which hyperlinks to the archive page for the appropriate day. If you have lots of pictures, the result looks very cute.
    Enjoy. 🙂

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  • Do you have a test site where we can see it in action?

    Did you try the one you downloaded it from? 🙂

    Why not simply post the URL in the first place and save us all some time / bandwidth: 😀

    Cause then google will go there, duh. 🙁

    By the way, could someone post this up on the wiki? It doesn’t seem to let me in whatever I try.

    It’s in the Hacks section of the Wiki. Now you can fear allmighty Google 😉

    I’ve coded things to replace the key things I don’t want googled for when googlebot comes for them, by now. 🙂

    Awesome mod. Does it actually look at the post code itself or does it have it’s own upload utility that you must use to get the images posted into your blog? Also, are the resizes ACTUAL resizes on the images or just changing the dimensions in the img tag?

    It looks at the post text (and the excerpt) for a day and parses it looking for image tags both used in anchors and on their own, until it finds one. If it finds an image tag in an anchor, it looks for the file the anchor points at and tries to make a thumbnail of it (ignoring it if it’s an external link) otherwise it makes a thumbnail from the inline image.
    The resizes actually generate small thumbnail images of the size you specify, and store them for caching, regenerating them if the image changes. (Doing otherwise with some 11 megs of pictures would be very, very stupid, don’t you think? 🙂 )

    By the way, new version’s out (0.2) which can actually be used to replace the default WordPress calendar, has some small fixes and more features.

    I love your hack and thank you.
    There is something I wish to ask of you. Is there a way that the thumbnail can be implemented like phpGiggles where as it looks for certain tag. For this example would be ‘image’. Depends the settings of thumbnail size it will creates. I’m not sure if I’d explained correctly. I just want something cheap and fast thumbnail creation via the use of GDs.
    Thank you.

    It could be done, it’s not hard – I’d suggest using the thumbnail creator function from my photo hack, (it’s smart and perfectly standalone, which is why I swiped it 🙂 ) using the lj-names hack to see how to do replacements of the tags like you describe (it’s simple and well commented) and copying the code which checks whether a given thumbnail already exists from my photo hack. Try doing it yourself first, there’s not much you can break this way and a lot of useful things you could learn.
    There’s a gotcha to it though, the photo calendar hack won’t support such tags outright, since it looks for already formed standard xhtml image tags in the database. In your case, the database wouldn’t contain them since they would be generated on the fly, and some alterations of the calendar hack will be necessary.

    >> Cause then google will go there, duh. 🙁
    Google actually supports robots.txt and meta tags… ;o)

    Do you think I don’t use those? 😛 The blog’s not ready for indexing just yet.

    Is it possible to have it work with the Archives Calandar (eg <?php get_calendar(); ?>) ? … just to put a small smilie, or a tiny image (or a heart or something) instead of having it be on a large page type thing?? ..

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 39 total)
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