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  • i am attracted to the interesting places you show in your posts.
    and i like more pictures.
    maybe you should install a photo gallery plugin like nextgen, so that you can show a series of photos in each post.

    just ok….

    Thanks for the tip Jason, I haven’t seen the nextgen plugin yet but I will look it up and see if it will work for me. Cheers.

    @fuisce, first of all, get a theme. The default one mainly means that you don’t have a theme yet.

    You have good images on your blog, but i would like to add that the article along with the picture is just not enough. Perhaps you should consider writing bigger articles, that helps. Thin content is not valued much by search engines.

    Once you get a good theme, try using some social media plugins and stuff, all that helps and also make it look good.

    Thanks for the reply weddingcakes. I did not know that about the theme. The reason I kept the default one was because I really liked how it looked.

    I was torn about keeping the articles short and letting the images doing the talking or writing longer articles and decided to keep the articles short and sweet although I appreciate your point about thin content not being valued by search engines. I might try and write longer articles for future posts.

    The social media plugins are something that never even crossed my mind for some reason! But it makes a lot of sense to include some. Thanks for mentioning that.

    I really appreciate your tips, I am a novice and am slowly learning as I go along, so any tips, advise and criticism are very much welcomed by me.

    I would be inclined to limit the front page to two or three posts so that the sidebar is visible for the whole page.

    Dear fuisce,

    Your blog and images looking nice, but I want suggest you that change your theme to advance theme design.

    It’s a good start but as other have mentioned, it needs a bit of work to polish things up. I agree with beattle that you should limit the number of posts. I would do maybe no more than three at a time.

    There are a number of great plugins out there that you can use to enhance the user experience. At this time, I’m only inclined to stay on the first page. The idea id if you can keep someone looking at your page a minimum of 2 minutes, they’ll more than likely stay longer.

    Find a theme that allows you to show larger images. 450px is too small for a photography blog. Pick a theme that best suits the type of images you would like to show. Sometimes, a really clean theme is all you need.

    Add features that incorporates and makes use of social media. Simple FB Share is great as well as TweetMeme. Check those plugins out. It works very well and my blog (photo blog for that matter) gets tons of traffic because of it.

    Good luck!


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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