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  • umm, thats odd. I tried to post a topic, and it came out like that. Bug?
    Anyway, I’m wondering if there will be any photoblog ability avaliable within WP releases in the future? Or will previous hacks work?

    Yes that would be nice.

    Sorry about the topic thing, I had made some changes and I didn’t notice that problem since I generally reply to threads rather than start them. It should work now.
    Photoblog features are definitely going to be a priority in the future, particularly to me as a photographer. I would recommend posting some specific feature requests now and we’ll look at them down the road when we’re building the photolog stuff.

    Look at possibly porting into existing photo gallery scripts. I have searched far and wide for good ones and the best I found and use is, which has already been ported to pMachine.
    This would alleviate having to worry about all the configuration and other misc files needed for SQL handling, thumbnailing etc.
    However, from what I have seen you guys do with this script I wouldn’t be surprised if you came up with something better. 🙂

    as long as it has some type of thumbnailing feature, i’d be happy

    Coppermine is wonderful, I have used it in the past. It’s a great starting point.

    what do you mean by photo blog abiliy?
    and what about ?

    A photo blog is a blog with pictures on it. Some people like having thumbnails as well.
    I have used gallery in the past and it’s a really difficult program to customize. It’s great and all, but, I won’t be using that again.

    More like (uses pmachine) or (uses mt). Of course, Matt has one too but I’m not sure what he uses.

    I am a fan and user of coppermine as well.

    I just took a look at coppermine and it seems quite nice.

    I use Coopermine for my galleries. It seems very flexible. I know they have intergrated it into forum software per users requests alreadly. Dont know how much work it would take to intergrate it into wordpress though.

    not to sound posh or anything but I find this:
    to be the slickest photoblog I have seen on the net so far. hands down.
    coppermine is a POS, sorry folks, look at the code, zillions of errors, sloppy coding etc ect. besides it’s total overkill for a photoblog.
    menalto, ditto.
    hipoxia hits the nail. right there.
    too lazy to register so there!

    hipoxia uses MT.
    However, the CSS and the design/photographic capabilities of Brian are what make his photoblog such a pleasure to visit, not the tool he uses!
    I run a very simple moblog (WordPress) at
    Every picture in there is emailed to the blog through my phone. I never, ever log into the admin. (though mine is NOT as aesthetically pleasing as Brian’s)

    toolazytoregister might have to register after all at some point!
    2 Qs (having no experience with neither of the 2 )
    1) hipoxia could be run with WP also?
    2) MT is perl, yet the files are php?
    your moblog is mobile friendly for sure 😀
    I doubt hipoxia is as mobile friendly.
    but then again that might be beside the point.
    Still trying to decide which script to use or maybe I should be bothered to write my own, huh.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 30 total)
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