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  • Hello,
    I am having trouble with the photo alignment in my posts. I would like to add large photos to my blog posts, while continuing to keep them centred.

    If you visit my site you will see that the photo is slightly to the right, the larger the photo gets, the more it moves to the right, no matter how much i try to use the editor in wordpress to center it or move it to the left!

    So frustrating! Can anyone help me? Is it my layout?

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  • When you insert the image you are not selecting any alignment.

    Please see


    Please read : Inserting Images into Posts

    Believe me, I have tried all of that. Just re uploaded that last photo and did nothing to it because I was fed up lol

    When I look at the source it says “alignnone” in the class of the <img> tag which tells me that your not inserting the image correctly.

    I looked for the Julia theme in but it is not there so I could not download it and check it out.

    Is this a pro theme?

    Hey, I’m actually using the manifest theme, Julia is my child theme

    Your link show’s a site under construction, not your site so it’s a little hard to see what’s going on.

    In any event looked at the Atheros theme and found the header styling in style.css starting at line 378. I was able to change the font, colors, and background colors no problem.

    You will have to modify the cornerleft.png if you want to change the background of the titles.

    One final thing: I would recommend you use a child theme to make your changes. See Codex:Child Themes

    Sorry Jessica

    trying to help too many at once (heh heh).

    I did manage to download and take a look at the theme. It does not have aligncenter styling as far as I can see. Also for a max width theme of 500 pixels I don’t understand how you can get such a large photo in your first post.

    So bottom line there are some problems with the theme. I would advise you pick a theme through this site as they go through rigorous programming standards and testing.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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