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    I recently downloaded WP 2 and created a site that’s not yet online. I installed php4/mysql locally to design and test my custom theme and all is well on that front. It’s a very simple site with a static front Page with links to the blog & a photo album.

    Obviously, WordPress will control the blog, but i’m looking for software to run the albums.

    My requirements are:

      bulk uploading
      automatic thumbnail & full size image generation
      ability to add custom title, caption and details to individual photos
      display of exif-info
      easy integration of uploaded images/albums into blog posts
      comments for photos/albums
      use my WP theme’s css, header, menus, footer, etc.
      plays well with WP
      make the site look seamless

    I don’t need:

      multiple users
      protected images
      overly complicated script
      registration of software/hosting

    I’ve looked at most of the popular programs including plogger, pictorialis, gallery2, coppermine, phpwebgallery, etc. and it’s hard for me to judge not having the time to test them all.

    I’d love user reviews of how programs you’ve used match my needs!

    Aside: Would pictoralis easily funcion as a blog since the base of the program is WP? i.e. use only pictoralis for both blog and album and leave out WP? I’d ask the pictoralis people, but their forum has been inactive for about a year…


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  • have a look at if you’re planning to try Gallery 2 –

    I had looked at gallery2 and all the integration plugins for WP including wpg2, however, the wpg2 site says:

    WPG2 installations on WordPress Alpha / Beta 2.x release is NOT supported

    Are people using WPG2 successfully with WP 2.0?

    People are using WP2.0 and G2 with WPG2 plugin together very successfully. I have not made the move to WP2.0 myself, but have seen it done and there are new “fixes” for the plugin which help. Sadly, there are several things in WP2.0 that seem to cause problems for everybody so you will find issues with all integration for a while.

    But to answer your question: Gallery2 with the WPG2 plugin will give you the results you wanted.

    WPG2 works fine with WP 2.0 & Gallery 2 – no issues here.

    I just installed WPG2 with an upgrade install of WP2 and I’m definitely having trouble.

    G2 works fine on it’s own, but I’m having permalink issues with WP2, and while I can access wpg2 via the options admin panel I get a 404 error if I click on any of the tabs for it. At this point I have no idea why, other than maybe it’s also do to the permalink deal. I did use the wpg2 fixes as well.

    BTW, I think I’ve gone through a tested all the gallery plugins and if I remember correctly using WPG2 with Gallery2 is the only way to get bulk uploads (unless you don’t mind doing them via ftp seperately).

    try and repost this issue at or instead.

    or you can try this.

    login to your Gallery 2 install, goto Site Admin > Modules > deactivate the URL Rewrite module.

    WordPress 2.0 mod_rewrite directives need to preceed that of WPG2. which means, goto Options > Permalinks to regenerate the rulesets then to configure WPG2, goto Options > Gallery 2 > Validate Settings – once everything is validated, goto http://yourdomain.tld/wordpress-blog/wp-gallery2.php

    goto Site Admin > Modules > activate the URL Rewrite module. the Admin Option on the left-menu bar should have URI Rewrite link – click on it.

    Htaccess path: /absolute/path/to/wordpress-blog/
    Public path: /wordpress-blog/

    make sure ~/wordpress-blog/.htaccess is writeable (issue a chmod 777 for it.) and run the Tests.

    do_not_configure URL Rewrite from within Gallery 2, only through WPG2 (embedded mode) because it’s not kosher and will create more problems. 🙂

    Just to clarify, Gallery2 is the cause of the rewrite issue, not the plugin. Should be fixed in Gallery2 2.1 due out in Feb. Follow the above tips untill then.

    Okay…just wanted to add that I never installed the Gallery2 rewrite module, my permalinks issue has something to do with upgrading to WP 2. Gallery 2 and WPG2 are working fine for me now.

    I had initially placed the ‘imageframes’ php code in the wrong place within the header which is why I had errors.

    I took everyones advice and went with gallery2.

    It’s slow, it’s bulky, but the features make it pretty hard to resist. I have a semi-custom WP theme (based on ‘back in black’) with gallery using the WPG2 -Clean theme with a few css modifications and the Black color pack. Exactly the results i was looking for. I even went so far as to add google map for my photos to match the google map for my posts. It all works really well together barring a few minor layout/link problems. It’s all online now.

    It’s good to see the advice about the permalink’s with this set up….i tried just in gallery once, and nothing worked…if i have time i might try again per the above instructions. Meanwhile, i don’t mind the cruft.

    good to hear G2 is working out for your needs. mysqld seems to be down. wanted to take a peek. i’ll try later then.

    Scaturan – Can I ask a follow-up question. I am having fits with the G2 re-write –yours is the first post I have come accross with a proposed solution.

    I was going great with your instructions until I go to the following:

    Htaccess path: /absolute/path/to/wordpress-blog/
    Public path: /wordpress-blog/

    make sure ~/wordpress-blog/.htaccess is writeable (issue a chmod 777 for it.) and run the Tests.

    In the page that opens after clicking “URI Rewrite link ,” I do not see a place to add the paths above abd what do you mean by the “Test?”

    Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to provide.


    I used espg, Simple PHP gallery and it worked really really well. But then I changed themes and I forgot how I got it working last time. It is really easy for bulk uploads, though it doesn’t use an interface. The new one does but I had difficulty with it before and couldn’t get it themed properly so…

    Good luck


    I hate to burst your bubble, but the chances that you’ll find everything you want in a plugin is slim to none, though it would be nice. There are plugins that can do these things, but I’m not sure that there is a single one to do all of what you want.

    As for thumbnail generating, the ones which do this don’t do a very good job of it because the quality is poor.

    I know how it is when it comes to wanting a good gallery, I wanted something very specific for mine, but never could find it… What did I do? I created custom templates and stylesheet entries and then used the lightbox scripts…

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