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  • All of those you mentionned are good, all have limitations and advantages ! I think it is a question of feelings.
    I prefer Coppermine but it is because i am working with for years…but CPG (Coppermine) is using table…So you enter in a “standard” war based on conflict of those who are for tables and those who are against…
    I never used “actively” to 2 others…So I can’t judge….

    Heh. I just went through this last weekend. Don’t know how many hours I wasted, but I decided to just stick with Gallery which is what I was running initially. Coppermine is really nice. It had two things which were lacking which I really wanted (a customizable album order instead of sorting by name, date, etc. and something else… don’t remember off the top of my head). Hopefully those will get added at a later date.
    4images had the same problems as coppermine, an in addition I couldn’t find a way to have thumbnails, sized images, and full sized images all stored in the gallery. It could do thumbs and resize images, but it couldn’t keep the full images as well.
    Gallery, while not the slickest looking and with its flat text storage databases has the features that are most useful to me. They’re all free, so try them all and choose which one you think is best!

    Thanks for responding. I am going to try Gallery again. I have tried Coppermine and it was cool, but I want to have it fit into my site as much as possible. I guess I will have to tinker with it. Thanks again.

    No problem. I’ve actually played more around with Gallery and it’s different options. There’s a lot more that is configurable and tweakable than I first thought. I’ve had it installed for a while and there were likely more options available to me as I upgraded that I wasn’t even aware of.
    It’s a little annoying in that you can’t make changes globally – you can make changes in albums and sub-albums but not globally across all albums. Still, it gets the job done more for me than coppermine or 4images do at this point.
    PS. I remember what else coppermine didn’t do for me. You can’t have an image in an album and label it hidden such that nobody but the owner can see it. I like to upload lots of things and just sort them out in my album after they’re already up. I don’t want to delete them as I use my album as an archive of sorts.
    Perhaps not a huge sticking point for folks, but it was something Gallery had that I used and liked.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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