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  • Hi! I saw the changelog for the most recent version includes this:

    * Compat: Addded Phoenix Media Rename plugin to the conflicting plugins list, because of the way they treat the ShortPixel metadata;

    I use that plugin (and I’m also a ShortPixel paying user). What exactly is the conflict? What can we do to use both plugins without problems? Thanks!

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  • Plugin Support Gerard Blanco


    Hi Richard,

    Basically when you use Phoenix to rename your files, it will remove ShortPixel’s metadata. In other words, renaming your files will make ShortPixel forget that it optimize your images, leading to over-compression.

    Unfortunately that’s something we can’t do anything about, as we can’t control how other plugins handle our metadata 🙁

    Hope that helps!

    @sixaxis Can you suggest another option for renaming media files? Perhaps ShortPixel will provide this option in a future release?

    Plugin Support Gerard Blanco


    Hi @emelillo,

    The best option I can think of would be to replace your file with It has an option to update all your files to the new name. Perhaps another renaming plugin would work, but I don’t know any 🙁


    Thread Starter Richard Archambault


    I’m asking them if they can change their plugin to account for this:

    @richardmtl great thanks!

    I am interested in this. Sorry to say that though: I am the developer of another plugin called Media File Renamer. From my experience, my plugin has always worked with ShortPixel. And as the developer of ShortPixel knows, we worked together on the compatibility of our plugins a few times already.

    But I would like to make sure with @sixaxis that it actually works. I just tried to rename a file with it. Then, it looks like this:

    The information about the optimization is still here. Does that mean it is working fine?

    Plugin Support Gerard Blanco


    Hi Jordy!

    At first sight, that looks okay 🙂 It’s very easy to see if the information about optimization gets erased: rename the file and if you see after refreshing the page that the renamed image is being reoptimized, then that’s a bad sign.

    In any case case, feel free to get in touch with us again if you have any technical questions to ensure that there is no conflicts.


    Thread Starter Richard Archambault


    @sixaxis The author of Phoenix Media Rename has released an update which should fix the issue, and as such won’t be in conflict anymore with Shortpixel.



    I can confirm that the author of Phoenix Media Rename has released an update which should fix the issue…

    Could you please confirm this for yourself, so you are confident, and then update ShortPixel so the notice inviting us to deactivate Phoenix Media Rename no longer pops up…?

    Thanks again for a great plugin…

    Kind regards…

    Plugin Support Gerard Blanco


    Hi guys,

    Thank you for letting us know. I’ll pass this to our team so they can check it 🙂


    I’ve just installed Phoenix Media Rename and I’m still getting the error message to deactivate Phoenix. Also the plugin doesn’t seem to be working properly, the name isn’t being changed. Can I have an update please?

    I also get the error message and I experience ShortPixel compressing immediately after renaming a picture with Phoenix.

    So for me, the problem doesn’t seem to be solved at all I guess.

    Any thoughts about that?

    How about this solution?

    In Shortpixel you can restore the backup of your original file. Do that, change the file name and then compress it again.

    Does that make sense?

    Ok, better don’t do it this way. Yesterday everything looked fine but today there is a critical error showing for the images that were changed.

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