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  • Our name, Philopingo, comes from the Latin root words “philosophiaâ€? (meaning philosophy) and “appingoâ€? (meaning to write). The website and the stories have been created by a group of teenagers who live in New Zealand. For more information on the authors please click the ‘authors’ link. We started this group because we wanted to express our philosophical ideas through fictional stories and we thought it would be a go idea, (plus we were bored over the holidays.) It has grown from a spark of an idea into wildfire reality.

    We quickly bought hosting and a domain and then we skinned the free WordPress software to suit our needs and started spreading the news of our arrival on the web.

    Not into philosophy? Then just read and enjoy, it’s just plain old stories if you want them to be

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  • I like it!
    (as the link in the user’s name is not the same 😉 )

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    ^ those items need to be re-examined, as their font colour is almost impossible to see against the red footer background. Otherwise, very clean. The “Powered by… ” would also look better centred, or left-padded a bit more.

    Very nice. I never really cared much about red in webblogs but it looks really nice here. Great job. I look forward to reading more.


    Thanks, will look into the footer 🙂

    Everything is really nice – one small note: appingo rather means “to add something to what is already written”; “to write in addition”… as a secondary meaning. Initially = ‘to paint upon or to’ –
    prefix ad + verb pingo, pingere, pinxi, pictum.
    Notice from the last form (perfect passive participle) comes the English “picture” 🙂

    Say what?

    O sorry, need to add

    We have uploaded a lot of stories for the public to see plus a whole lot of drafts that just needs to be approved by the group so hit Ctrl-D and check back everyday 😀

    Philopingo is in full swing! Check us out

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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