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  • Philantro is by far the best donation platform we’ve used.

    We have used around 4 donation platforms in the last 10 years and Philantro is the only service that both the Development department and my department (IT) can agree on… which is rare.

    We were asked to leave a candid review because our website is WordPress and we’ve had Philantro for a little over a year.

    Long story short, we hit a dry spell due to the economy and we couldn’t sustain paying $300/month for our previous platform.

    Our original goal was to find a simple solution to see us through the dry spell until we rebounded and could afford going back to our old platform.

    After things started to pick up, our board unanimously agreed that we should stick with Philantro and I couldn’t agree more.

    It outperformed our previous donation platform on multiple levels, was more cost effective, provided insight that we didn’t have access to before and Philantro provided information that allowed multiple departments to work together more efficiently.

    The donor self-service freed up a lot of our time, so that’s definitely an extra point.

    I read a review on here and she wrote “Each update they roll out, you’ll see something you were JUST thinking about it” and it’s funny because it’s so true.

    Here’s what we like:
    Everything – donor information, transaction data, design, statistics, usability, responsiveness, donor self-service, ACH, PayPal, constant updates that address things you didn’t know that you didn’t know, Salesforce and Mailchimp integration.

    Our wish-list:
    Paid plans. I say this because we’re reaching close to a million in donations this year and it would be nice to see Philantro offer a monthly subscription that would lower our transaction cost or offer a volume discount.
    Mail Merge for donor acknowledgments
    QuickBooks Integration

    We rave about Philantro every chance we get, keep up the great work and lets see some paid plans in 2018 🙂

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