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  • The amazing peeps at Philantro reached out to us WordPress users who use their plugin to write a candid review of Philantro and to be brutally honest 🙂

    Buahahaha – you should have never asked, jk!

    Philantro is invaluable, the data they provide on donors and donations – invaluable, the donation form is beautiful and responsive, conversion and demographic metrics – invaluable, they way Philantro curates data for accuracy is unreal and their recapture features – unbelievable!

    The recapture features alone will brings tears of joy any nonprofit’s eyes lol.

    It’s just a really solid, forward thinking donation service/platform and each update, it gets better and better.

    It’s clear they listen to use users.

    Each update they roll out, you’ll see something you were JUST thinking about it lol, the Philantro team is just as amazing as Philantro itself.

    We’ve been with Philantro for maybe 18-19 months and on my birthday, I received a birthday card with the option to choose a Philantro t-shirt or a hoodie as a gift – they’re just incredible.

    Philanto is amazing.
    The Philantro team is amazing.

    Now – here’s what I would like to see 🙂

    I would love to see phone support in the future.
    The custom reporting need some work because we would like the ability to select the fields it returns.
    When we run custom reports for third-parties, sometimes we just want gender and amounts etc.
    And lastly, we would love to see integrations with accounting software instead of just the ability to export our transaction data.

    Overall, if you’re a nonprofit – you will love Philantro, you will love the team and you will wonder how you ever managed to accept donations without it!

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