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  • Hi Everyone!

    Well, after a month or so of harassing all of you on this and the Zenphoto forum I finally have something worth submitting. My site is called Phauxshow. It is a multi-media, art magazine/gallery.

    I make use of a few WordPress image plug-ins and packages but give the big job to Zenphoto. The main site uses Mimbo while the gallery uses the ZP default theme with many a modification. I had no knowledge of web design going into it and quite truthfully could not have pulled it off without the help of all of you on these forums, the wonderful moderators on WP and ZP, Steffen Ruzee for his tutorial on integrating WordPress headers into Zenphoto and Bert Simons for his explanation on the image page thumbnails.

    My site is just starting out and is still a little rough around the edges but here you go…


    I will be posting tutorials on the design of the site here.

    Don’t forget to visit the Gallery.

    Thanks again!

    P.S. I’m very open to feedback and suggestions!


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