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    Yet the titles in Google search still appear on a number of the pages when searching the site.

    It may take a while for Google’s index to update fully. I did notice that you were missing one really good post-hack resource: Could be worth a read.

    Thanks for getting back to me Esmi, that resource is pretty informative about what backdoors exactly are.

    Dreamhost got back to me and they scanned through the site and didn’t find any suspicious files. I’m seeing if we can do a further scanning with the other ftp users on my account like mentioned in the other thread to see if the code is originating elsewhere.

    Or perhaps it’s as simple as Google’s cache just needs some time to update.

    I’ll post back with updates or if anyone has other ideas.

    Thanks again.

    EDIT: I did search through the database based on the article you shared Esmi and reviewed the custom theme I built for for any backdoors. Since the database and theme are the two consistent pieces that is being re-uploaded after a fresh install. Yet they come back clean too.



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    No probs. Fingers crossed that it’s just Google being a bit slow.

    Just a guess here, but I recently learned Google Webmaster Tools will let you remove a link from their database, and maybe doing that plus re-submitting your site map could speed things up a bit.

    Thanks for the advice leejosepho. I requested google to remove the specific pages from their database and re-submitted the pages to crawl for and it worked.

    So Google just needed more time to refresh their cache from the hacked pages.

    Thanks for the assistance everyone!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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