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  1. This is not a critical issue, but for a number of weeks, I've had one subsite (in a subdomain install) that shows that one plug-in update is needed in the gray admin bar at the top of the page. When I try to click through to update this plug-in, it takes me to the network admin updates page, which shows that no updates are needed. No update notices are showing on any other sites or the network admin dash.

    I'm pretty meticulous about keeping everything updated, so I'm pretty sure there's not a needed update. But I can't get that update notice to disappear from the one subsite.

    Anyone know why this might be happening? And/or how to get that phantom update notice to disappear?

  2. I had this once and had to delete _site_transient_update_plugins from my wp_options table for that site.

  3. So I'm finally following up on this....

    I've found the transients in that site's wp-options table, but there are no transients related to "update_plugins" -- except for one that seems specific to Gravity Forms.

    It has to be in the db for this site, right? -- since the update notice only shows in this site...

  4. You can nuke all the transients and not impact your site's content or data. Which ... I would.

  5. So I nuked all the transients in that sub-site's wp-options table, but I still have the phantom plugin update showing.

    Some of the transients repopulate quickly-- is that supposed to happen?

    Like: "_transient_dirsize_cache" and "_transient_timeout_ga_admin_dashboard_"

  6. Yes, those are okay.

    You sure you're editing the right site's options?

  7. I did nuke the right site...

    And now, I have 2 more subsites in two different installs showing phantom plugin updates.

    I know it's not critical, but I sure wish I could figure out what does this.

    Think it could be a plugin somehow?

  8. You could delete _site_transient_update_plugins from all the _options tables. It'll just rebuild.

  9. I tried deleting all the _site_transient_update_plugins from all the _options tables of my smaller multisite (12 subsites)-- each site's and the one in wp_options. Still no change.

    Several of the sites did not have a _site_transient_update_plugins in their _options table, including the site that is showing the phantom update needed. Is that normal?

  10. It's normal. Which plugin is it that it thinks needs an update?

  11. I can't ever get a name for a plugin. The subsite shows the need for a plugin update in the admin bar and badge on "Plugins", but no plugin on that page or the network admin plugin page shows a needed update.

  12. xiexiema
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I have this exact problem on a main site. I have been trying to search for answers for ages, it just occured to me to try "phantom updates".

    No cure as yet and I have not been able to narrow down which plugin (if any) actually require the update,

  13. xiexiema, Hmm.... none of mine are on the main site. I have it on several subsites of two different multisite installs... This does NOT happen on any of my 25+ single-site installs.

    It's not a huge deal, since I do stay on top of plugin updates, but it is annoying.

  14. Dumb suggestion... One at a time remove each plugin. Refresh the plugin page, see if it goes away, then reinstall.

    Something isn't set right...

    If you want to be really smart, copy the DB locally to play with that ;)

  15. xiexiema
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I run 15 sites. This only happens on one.

    I had of course tried all the obvious stuff. And lots of not so obvious stuff too.

    Everything is "set" perfectly. And everything is always backed up, updated, daily.

    Not to worry as it is has solved itself this morning. I suspect that some plugin was incorrectly reporting it needed updating.

    I just happened on this thread and thought I would add that I have/had a similar problem.


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