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  • Hi, I want to create in a page of my site an area to create “petitions” (like or something like that (like an article that can be voted/liked). The area has to be “free” I don’t want to create a personal area with personal data. In this way, users can enter in that page, see others petition, vote them, or create a personal petition that can be shared on facebook. Is it possible for you? Forum I need you! <3

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  • Have you done a search on the WordPress plugin repository for the word “petition”? I can’t recommend a specific one, you’ll probably have to try out several to see if they fit your needs.



    @crouchingbruin Yes, but they are for “one petition sites”, so you can create just one petition as administrator!

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    It’s likely that a “one petition” plugin could be adapted to allow for more than one petition.

    What you describe doesn’t sound too much different than the usual comment system with some extra form fields for voting and/or sharing. If an existing plugin cannot be easily adapted, a bespoke solution working from comments may not be all that involved.

    @bcworkz So what can I do in your opinion? Something like “users create articles and people can vote them using comments?” I like it, but I don’t know how to create articles (and related container) for users (not registered?)..

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    If you are not using posts for blogging, they can be used for articles. Posts are simply generic data containers for any use you care to implement. Alternately, you can create new custom post types for any purpose. Any post type can have comments associated with it. Like posts, comments are simply generic data containers as well, which are tied to a specific post in a many to one relationship.

    Comment form fields can be removed or added. Comment data tables have specific fields, but they are mostly just labels, you can use the fields for whatever purpose you want. For data that doesn’t fit in the usual table fields, you can save such data in comment meta table.

    For more complex data needs, plugin developers sometimes create custom tables to hold their data. I can’t imagine a petition app needing custom tables, but it’s an option available to you.

    Note that if you do not require logins, there is no way to ensure people not vote multiple times under different aliases. Even with logins, one could create multiple email accounts to get around any restrictions. Online petitions are inherently flawed, yet people use them all the time.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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