• Hello,

    I think your Petfinder integration is beautiful. We have one feature request, the ability to change the Petfinder API request so that it only returns adoptable pets. This should be a configurable in the API call. This would really help our cause which is finding special bunnies a loving home.

    Currently, the Petfinder integration returns all pets whether or not they have been adopted.


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  • Plugin Author Igor Benic


    Hi @nlombardo,

    thank you for letting me know. For now, the API is using only the default values (or the values from the search form). But I do see I could add some “default” or “always set” parameters under the Settings of Petfinder (similar as the Organization ID option is there).

    Would you be also interested into syncing the PetFinder animals directly into your site? That way you would get all the data inside of the WordPress database and you could then manage it yourself and have even single animal pages on your site instead of redirecting the user elsewhere?

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    I appreciate the quick reply!

    Currently, we don’t have the need to store and manage the animals in our WordPress database. I’m helping a non-profit rabbit shelter and they are more comfortable with setting up and managing their animals in Petfinder.

    Their current goal is to only show their adoptable rabbits on the page so that when the user is redirected to Petfinder they are able to get more information on that adoptable bunny and not have the bunny be already adopted.

    Once again, thanks for the quick response!

    This plugin works well with the new Petfinder API.

    I would like to use this plugin for a rescue group, but need a way to limit the pets to just those that are currently adoptable. I also don’t need to store and manage the pets on a local WordPress install.

    Thanks for considering this feature!

    Thank you for this plugin!

    I need my list to show only adoptable pets, so I added this line to templates/shortcode/petfinder.php at line 30:

    $pets_search['status'] = 'adoptable';

    This is a workaround until the developer has a chance to add filters/shortcode options.

    Thank you. Defining this variable worked for me!

    Plugin Author Igor Benic


    Hi @gsddebbie @spiffyplugins @nlombardo, I’ll look into adding all the options in the shortcode and also as default options inside of the settings of Petfinder section.

    Thank you @spiffyplugins for assisting and providing a solution.

    Plugin Author Igor Benic


    Hi @gsddebbie, @spiffyplugins, @nlombardo with the 1.1.0 that was just release, you can set attributes from this list: https://www.petfinder.com/developers/v2/docs/#get-animals into the shortcode.

    Thanks! I’m using this on two rescue sites and the following shortcode now works perfectly on both of them.

    [pets_petfinder organization= status=adoptable]

    where organization= is set to the rescue’s Petfinder ID

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