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  • Hey all, FlannelBeard here. Before you read, I want you to keep in mind if you know of a plugin or tutorial which can do this for me…this post is a request.

    I run and manage a sign shop. We also develop dye stamps. As a test, we decided to put up a stamp website which allows users to order customized stamps online.

    Now for the issue…

    I want the normal average user to be able to do the following:

    1. Upload an Image for us to create (basic, this is already achievable)
    2. Be able to choose a basic text-only “stamp / sign template” from a gallery-type list in a post or page.
    3. Upon choosing a “template”, the user should be able to CUSTOMIZE the text properties of the template they have chosen.
    4. Upon editing this custom text layout, the user can send the template they customized to our email.
    5. User can go ahead and order the customized template.

    My website (in progress) is….the website information may seem scattered, I know, im still working on ideas and just forming them as I go…

    Listed below are a few examples of what I need…they contain the “customize” properties im looking for, but dont know how to create the plugin or how to find it if there even was one…

    ANY help on this topic would be appreciated. Looking to get a quick response, this is for my business and Im on business hours.

    Thank you all,

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