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  • I just launched

    This is my first experience using WordPress, and I’m very impressed with the ease and flexibility of the theme system.

    There is a small bit of hard-coded PHP in the theme, but other than that, it consists of fairly stantard template tags.

    I’d love to hear your feedback.

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  • Jeff Chandler


    Volunteer Moderator and Voice of WP

    Looks pretty darn cool. Love the way the content is structured and the font you use throughout the majority of the theme is also neat.

    That’s impressive. Looks very good.
    One question: Why is there a huge empty space at the bottom? – viewed in FF)

    The huge space at the bottom is a result of the location map being ‘hidden’ by default (look for the location map at the top right corner of the site).

    The location map has a default top coordinate of ‘-250px’, but for some reason, FF still renders the 250px of space. When you click “see map”, the location map animates down, and the space at the bottom disappears.

    I tried a few things to get rid of the space when the location map is ‘hidden’, but nothing I tried seemed to work.

    Looks awesome, love how smoothly the video and photos are integrated

    Great job!

    Nice photo gallery. You wrote that yourself?

    The photo gallery interface is driven by a customized version of lightbox2.

    In my customized version, I:

    • added the slide show functionality
    • moved all visual specifications to the css file
    • rewrote lots of the code to better utilize the prototype.js library
    • customized the images

    Here are the links to my customized lightbox.js and lightbox.css (lightbox.css has image dependencies that you will find in the css code):

    WOW, that’s all I can say! Very very nice.

    so neat! BTW thanks again for the help! 🙂

    Exceptional website! Am jealous of the site let alone the trip 😉

    i really like your website! just really started tinkering with wordpress a few days ago. replaced my dull postcard website with it – thus far, i like that it’s so easy and FUN to use. seeing your website is refreshing, i’m inspired to experiment with it more.

    It’s great, but it doesn’t validate. The reasons are quite simple: in your javascripts, you’re using “&” instead of “&“. If you replace all the ampersands in your javascript with the HTML entity, the scripts will still work, and the site will be one step closer to validation. The second step would be to add “alt” tags to your images. That’s all that’s holding it back.

    As for the extra space, change your #wrapper div from “position:relative;” to “position:absolute;”. Alternatively, you can leave it relative, and change “top:-250px;” to “margin-top:-250px;”

    Either will fix it.

    Cool site though – I, too, am jealous of the trip!

    Thank you everyone for the feedback.

    Doodlebee, thanks for the tips. Changing the #wrapper to ‘position:absolute;’ and tweaking a few other things fixed the extra space issue.

    As for the validation, I’m afraid that won’t be fixed anytime soon. The ‘&’ signs are part of the string that specifies the ‘flashvars’ when unobtrusively embedding a flash file, and changing ‘&’ to ‘&’ breaks the passing of those ‘flashvars’.

    Lovely travel-journal and multimedia type of site. I like the simple layout cataloging the vids and pix with Title and Date in 3 nice-and-even columns.

    That part at the Top Right with blue handwriting (location / weather / date), is that… a graphic you change regularly, or is that somehow updating dynamically and rendering text on the tilt automatically?

    However your most enticing post is “bad paris apartment” and I couldn’t find the promised video, only the pix, LOL. Have a great trip, working on your site(s) along the way I guess.




    Thats a beautiful site. One of the nicest implementations I’ve seen on here, ever. Very well done. 🙂

    Im doubly impressed by your ability to do it without so much as any questions here — it proves it actually can be done 🙂

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