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  • I LOVE the idea of this plugin, however i am having a difficult time figuring it all out…

    How do I get people to register, there is not a link for the Fundraiser just the normal login for my site?

    How do I get the users images to show up? I have tried everything and it just wont load the images on the page.

    Basically, how do I get it to function like clean water? Obviousy I would never copy them, but thats how I need mine to operate.

    If you can help me, I will donate a huge contribution from The Fundraiser Pros and give you a big shout out on the website!!! 🙂

    BTW: thank you so much for creating such a useful, do good, plugin!

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  • Plugin Author John Kleinschmidt


    If you would like users to register via the plugin, you need to login to your site as an administrator and from the administrator dashboard, click on the Personal Fundraiser menu option to bring up the Personal Fundraiser options screen. There is an option on that screen titled “Login Required to Create”. Make sure that the checkbox next to that option is NOT checked. Below that option, there is another option titled “Allow Users To Register”. Make sure that the checkbox next to that option IS checked and then click on the Save Changes button at the bottom of the screen. When these option are set this way, when guests to your create their own personal fundraising campaigns, they are prompted to either register or login to your site. If they click on the register button, they will be presented with a small registration form to fill out.

    As far as user images showing up, I assume you mean the image of the user who created the campaign? To display that image you have to add the following short code to your cause that your are using to create campaigns from:


    I actually need to know why the personal fundraiser will not allow images like the person’s cause logo or maybe some images of what their cause is or a video, is this an option?

    I am trying to create a website where people who are trying to raise funds can loging and create a personal fundraising page that has text about their cause, maybe a video, maybe some pictures. Then people can donate to their specific cause. Does this make sense?

    The way it works now I can’t do that. however, I love love love this idea for the plugin!

    Plugin Author John Kleinschmidt


    Video can only be added by an administrator editing the cause and adding the proper HTML to display a video. However, users can add images. If you want to allow users to add their own images to their fundraising pages, you first have to define an image field. To do this, login to your site as an administrator and from the administrator dashboard, click on the Personal Fundraiser menu option to bring up the Personal Fundraiser options screen.

    At the bottom of the screen you will see a list of fields defined for the personal fundraiser plugin. At the bottom of the list, click on the link titled “Add New Field”. You will then get a blank row to fill out. You will need to fill out the following information:

    1. Label — The text that will display to the left of the actual field so that users know what to use the field for.
    2. Description — Additional text that will display under the field. This field is optional.
    3. Type — The type of field to display to the user. In the case of an image, select Image from the drop down
    4. Required — Check this checkbox if you want to require users to fill out this field.
    5. Shortcode — This non editable field displays the shortcode that you will need to use to display the image on the campaigns.
    6. Actions — This field contains links that allows you to delete the field and move it up or down in the order that the fields are displayed to a user when they create a campaign.

    Once you have created new field(s), you will need to click on the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the screen.

    Now that you have created a new field, you can start using it by adding the shortcode to your cause(s). For example, if you added an image field and called it Personal Photo, you would see that the field shortcode is [pfund-personal-photo]. You could then edit your cause (eg, in the admin Dashboard, click on Causes, find your cause, click on edit under the title of the Cause, and place [pfund-personal-photo] in your desired location in the cause. Then update the cause and click on View Cause from the Cause edit screen to see the screen that users will see when they are adding a new campaign.

    I hope that makes sense. Please let me know if you have any more questions.

    Thank you so much ..

    One issue I am having is that uploaded images don’t display properly because they are too large .. is there a way to automatically resize the image that is uploaded or simply use a shortcode to display the image at another size?

    Plugin Author John Kleinschmidt


    You can use css to size the uploaded images. All of the images will have the class pfund-img. For example if you wanted your images to all have a width of 184 pixels, you could add the following to your theme’s css:

           width: 184px;


    This is a great plug-in.

    One question I have is, could there be a ‘Create Your Own Campaign’ button on the home-page, which people could click, takes them to forms to put all the above information on, including a registration, then ‘Publish Campaign Page’ submit button, which takes them to their own page/campaign?

    Thank you so much.


    @wizard1604 I’ve been wondering about that also. Maybe using something like gravityforms to populate the pfund fields. Or just having the forms on a page instead of a popup.

    Plugin Author John Kleinschmidt



    You can directly link to any cause to create a campaign, so for example if on your home page you have a link to /causes/sample-cause/ it will take you to the form to create a new campaign for the sample cause; or you could have a link on your home page that goes to /causes which will display a list of causes to create a campaign from.

    @dambacher I can’t speak to whether or not you could use gravity forms but suspect it might not work due to the fact that the personal fundraiser plugin does have some built in security measures to make sure people don’t maliciously create campaigns. As far as the ability to have the form on a page vs a popup, that is a feature that has been requested and I will consider for a future release.


    Thank you for your reply.

    That makes sense if you ran all the causes/campaigns. I was just thinking around whether the plug in could be used to create a more generic fundraising site where the causes are defined by the user, so:

    – User would set up a profile page on the site
    – User could create campaigns using personal-fundraiser
    – Users sends link to friends/family/facebook etc.
    – People go to the user’s own page to donate.

    That kind of idea, so the site actually is an enabler, or a resource site that people can use to set up their own fundraising effort.


    I have been considering using a custom form with the cause info in fields and then just having the admin set up the submitted cause from the backend if it is acceptable. It would work for a few campaigns but I could see it getting pretty unwieldy as the site grows. It would be very cool to have a feature for the users to create their own causes which is submitted to the admin for approval.

    As far as the forms on their own page imo it just seems to be a more user friendly way to do it. On my site I made a “create your own campaign” button which is displayed on every campaign page. I’ve been trying to figure out how to make this flow work:

    1. If the users are logged in, Show a “create campaign” button which brings users to a page with the pfund create campaign fields. If the users are not logged in show a “login to create campaign” button which brings users to a login/register page. After login or registration it directs them to a page with the pfund create campaign fields, same as above. Showing the buttons is simple enough using is_user_logged_in function and the php in pages plugin.

    2. Once the form is submitted, they are directed to their campaign page.

    Make sense?

    @dambacher that does make sense and sounds like the sort of thing I am thinking of.

    Do you have a URL to your site or is it still in development?


    @wizard1604 At this point it is not quite ready for prime time, but I will definitely post when we go public. Still a few things I need to get together.

    I am trying to set up a cause. I have a custom template that I set up and my WordPress site is set to start with a static page. Now when I try to view my Cause, all it shows is the custom template layout. No other content is showing. It seems to be overriding anything that is set up in the Cause. How do the page templates work in conjunction with the cause templates? What can I do so I can only use the Causes – I don’t even need any pages because the only thing I’m setting up are Causes, not a full WordPress site. Please help! I truly appreciate anybody who can help me!

    I also realized one variable – I used an HTML based layout for the custom template I activated. But when I switch to using one of the WordPress templates instead, then the Cause information shows. Is there something special I need to do to make the HTML based template work in conjunction with the Causes?

    this is a useful plugin I am having trouble with showing the campaigns. I am trying to show all of the campaigns on one page, how would I go about this?

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