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  • I checked it out… Perhaps it’s just me, but your style sheet needs a bit of tweaking.. The menu bar at the top… It looks OK in Firefox, but in IE, the “Home”, Pages”, etc ride right on top of the seperator bar.. while they do not in FireFox…

    I like the look in FireFox better…

    The “Nerd Score” widget in the left sidebar would look bettter if it was center aligned, similar to the AdSense applet located just above it…

    Too bad that the Ben Stein ad in the right sidebar does not match the color scheme of your page… The same with AdSense – tweak the colors to better match your site colors…

    I REALLY dislike those annoying “pop-up” SnapShots… Those alone would make me leave a site that had them… no matter what the content.

    Thanks for your input, Novellus…

    I have the latest Firefox and IE6, and the menus look identical to me. It rides a pixel or two lower in Safari but it’s really hard to hack for that. What version of IE are you using? Maybe it’s just v7, which I don’t have.

    Yes, some things need centered and the “content” google ad colors haven’t been changed yet. But I was really going more for the graphics / art critique, not the content. Good to know that the Snapshots are annoying though, I’ll consider dropping them.

    I only looked in Firefox, and it looks fine. It seems kind of colorless, though – too monotone. But that of course is just my opinion; overall it’s quite well done!

    Enjoyed the “Why Men Should Not Be Ordained” – pretty funny!




    damn im gonna have to eat at MacDonalds more now.

    Thanks RoseCitySister!And I’ll see what I can do with the mono.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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