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  • Please take a moment to review and critique my website design for my personal blog. It can be found at

    The goal of the theme is to be focused around writing. Each of the elements with text is meant to mimic a different type of paper. The sidebar is meant to be post-it notes. The main page/archive snippets are supposed to be plain sheets of paper. The parts where I actually have my blog posts is supposed to be lined paper, to mimic a journal meant for writing.

    Some comments I’ve had so far seem to be based around the fonts. I am in love with the font, and unfortunately, I’ve done everything I can with the weight of it. I was able to decrease the spacing between the letters and that seemed to help with readability.
    Additionally, I did have one bit of feedback mentioning the blue font on blue “post-it” notes was a bit hard to read.

    Any thoughts or suggestions for improvement would be greatly appreciated. Solutions to the problems already mentioned would be helpful as well.

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