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  • Hi,
    when the user gets to the checkout, he/she always gets the session timeout message.
    I tried updating the plugin to the latest version, and now in addition to the timeout message, I can not access the woocommerce settings in the wp admin.

    Also, when I try to access the checkout page now, the page does not load.

    Hoping for help!


    BR, smalahove


    This is the wp-reports.txt content:

    ### Environment ###

    Home URL:

    Site URL:

    WC Version: 2.0.5

    WC Database Version: 2.0.5

    WP Version: WP 3.5.1

    Web Server Info: Apache/2.2.16

    PHP Version: 5.3.3-7+squeeze15

    MySQL Version: 5.5.30-log

    WP Memory Limit: 40MB – We recommend setting memory to at least 64MB. See: Increasing memory allocated to PHP

    WP Debug Mode: No

    WP Max Upload Size: 128MB

    PHP Post Max Size: 128MB

    PHP Time Limit: 60

    WC Logging: Log directory is writable.

    fsockopen/cURL: Your server has fsockopen and cURL enabled.

    SOAP Client: Your server has the SOAP Client class enabled.

    WP Remote Post: wp_remote_post() was successful – PayPal IPN is working.

    ### Plugins ###

    Installed Plugins: BackupBuddy by Dustin Bolton version, CodeStyling Localization by Heiko Rabe version 1.99.29, Simpul Facebook by Esotech by Alexander and Gregory Conroy version 2.2.6, WooCommerce Facebook Like Share Button by Terry Tsang version 2.0.10, WooCommerce Nets Payment Gateway by Nettpilot version 1.1, WooCommerce by WooThemes version 2.0.5

    ### Innstillinger ###

    Force SSL: No

    ### WC Pages ###

    Shop Base: #7 – /?page_id=7

    Handlekurv: #8 – /?page_id=8

    Till kassen: #9 – /?page_id=9

    Betale: #15 – /?page_id=15

    Thanks: #16 – /?page_id=16

    Min konto: #11 – /?page_id=11

    Edit Address: #12 – /?page_id=12

    Vis ordre: #13 – /?page_id=13

    Endre passord: #14 – /?page_id=14

    Lost Password: #859 – /?page_id=859

    ### WC Taxonomies ###

    Order Statuses: cancelled (cancelled), completed (completed), failed (failed), on-hold (on-hold), pending (pending), processing (processing), refunded (refunded)

    Product Types: external (external), grouped (grouped), simple (simple), variable (variable)

    ### Templates ###

    Template Overrides: /woocommerce/archive-product.php, /woocommerce/cart/cart.php, /woocommerce/cart/cross-sells.php, /woocommerce/cart/shipping-calculator.php, /woocommerce/cart/totals.php, /woocommerce/checkout/cart-errors.php, /woocommerce/checkout/form-billing.php, /woocommerce/checkout/form-checkout.php, /woocommerce/checkout/form-coupon.php, /woocommerce/checkout/form-login.php, /woocommerce/checkout/form-pay.php, /woocommerce/checkout/form-shipping.php, /woocommerce/checkout/review-order.php, /woocommerce/checkout/thankyou.php, /woocommerce/content-product.php, /woocommerce/content-product_cat.php, /woocommerce/content-single-product.php, /woocommerce/emails/admin-new-order.php, /woocommerce/emails/customer-completed-order.php, /woocommerce/emails/customer-invoice.php, /woocommerce/emails/customer-new-account.php, /woocommerce/emails/customer-note.php, /woocommerce/emails/customer-processing-order.php, /woocommerce/emails/email-addresses.php, /woocommerce/emails/email-footer.php, /woocommerce/emails/email-header.php, /woocommerce/emails/email-order-items.php, /woocommerce/loop/add-to-cart.php, /woocommerce/loop/pagination.php, /woocommerce/loop/price.php, /woocommerce/loop/sale-flash.php, /woocommerce/loop-shop.php, /woocommerce/myaccount/form-change-password.php, /woocommerce/myaccount/form-edit-address.php, /woocommerce/myaccount/form-login.php, /woocommerce/myaccount/my-account.php, /woocommerce/myaccount/my-address.php, /woocommerce/myaccount/my-orders.php, /woocommerce/order/form-tracking.php, /woocommerce/order/order-details.php, /woocommerce/order/tracking.php, /woocommerce/shop/breadcrumb.php, /woocommerce/shop/errors.php, /woocommerce/shop/form-login.php, /woocommerce/shop/messages.php, /woocommerce/shop/sidebar.php, /woocommerce/shop/wrapper-end.php, /woocommerce/shop/wrapper-start.php, /woocommerce/single-product/add-to-cart/external.php, /woocommerce/single-product/add-to-cart/grouped.php, /woocommerce/single-product/add-to-cart/quantity.php, /woocommerce/single-product/add-to-cart/simple.php, /woocommerce/single-product/add-to-cart/variable.php, /woocommerce/single-product/meta.php, /woocommerce/single-product/price.php, /woocommerce/single-product/product-attributes.php, /woocommerce/single-product/product-image.php, /woocommerce/single-product/product-thumbnails.php, /woocommerce/single-product/related.php, /woocommerce/single-product/review.php, /woocommerce/single-product/sale-flash.php, /woocommerce/single-product/share.php, /woocommerce/single-product/short-description.php, /woocommerce/single-product/tabs/description.php, /woocommerce/single-product/title.php, /woocommerce/single-product/up-sells.php, /woocommerce/single-product-reviews.php, /woocommerce/single-product.php, /woocommerce/taxonomy-product_cat.php, /woocommerce/taxonomy-product_tag.php

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  • Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    Change themes/remove those template overrides to test…

    I think I identified the culprit. It looks like a custom payment gateway payment extension caused the malfunction. I’m trying to get help for this with the programmer.


    Hey smalahove,
    Did you ever resolve this issue regarding the session timeout message?? I’m having the exact problem on my site. I have contacted PayPal and my Host for help, searched Google with no luck. Found your post while searching. I would appreciate any information you could offer.

    Best regards..

    It was the payment gateway plugin. The developers worked on it and sent me another one.

    Sorry I can’t be more precise – I have no idea what they did, or what caused the malfunction in the first place.

    Cheers, smalahove

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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